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Super Mario Bros. Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Super Mario Bros. Characters

See all the Super Mario Bros. costume guides for the characters appearing in the best-selling video game series created by Nintendo. Dress up like Mario, his brother, Luigi, along with Princess Peach and Toad. Beginning with Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System, one Mario game has been released for every Nintendo console since. See how to cosplay Mario characters before journeying to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Mario Costume

Mario is the main man from the Super Mario Bros. video games, and he is normally the go-to choice for die-hard fans. He is the main mascot of almost every game that has been released, and when you see his bright red suit you know it’s the one and only Mario! He will go to any lengths to save Princess Peach and he isn’t afraid to throw a banana or two win a race.

Mario Costume
Mario Costume Guide

Luigi Costume

Luigi, the guy in green, is Mario’s brother. While he can do everything that Mario does, he is never really seen without Mario hanging around. Some see Luigi as the second-hand man to Mario, but he is easily many video gamers’ favorite character of the entire gaming series. He sports the same outfit as his brother, but his overalls and hat are a bright green version instead. Watch out because this one will surprise you!

Luigi Costume
Luigi Costume Guide

Super Mario Bros. Cosplay Costumes

Dressing as a Super Mario Bros. character, anyone and everyone will know exactly who you are because Mario and Luigi are the classic peanut butter and jelly- you can’t have one without the other! Mario is known for his bright red suit and Luigi matches right alongside him but in vibrant green.

You can easily dress as a double costume as Mario and Luigi, or take it a step further by bringing along other characters like Princess Peach, Wario, and Yoshi. The classic video game characters are iconic, unmistakable, and so much fun to recreate for your next cosplay. Check out the tips and tricks in the costume guide to find out exactly how to put these looks together.

Super Mario Bros. Costume Tips & FAQs

Get ready to power-up and save the Mushroom Kingdom with Super Mario Brothers FAQs. Whether you’re a heroic plumber like Mario or a daring princess like Peach, we’re here to answer your questions about creating costumes, exploring trivia, and celebrating the iconic and beloved world of the Super Mario Brothers from Nintendo video game series.

Some recognizable costumes for Super Mario Brothers characters include Mario’s red hat and blue overalls, Luigi’s green hat and blue overalls, Princess Peach’s pink dress and crown, Bowser’s spiky shell and horns, and Yoshi’s green dinosaur costume. Don’t forget to add character-specific accessories, such as Mario’s mustache, Luigi’s “L” emblem, Peach’s parasol, or Bowser’s fire breath.

Some lesser-known facts about Super Mario Brothers include that the original Super Mario Bros. game was released in 1985 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and was created by Shigeru Miyamoto. Mario’s original name was “Jumpman” in the 1981 arcade game “Donkey Kong.” The character of Luigi was introduced in the 1983 game “Mario Bros.” as Mario’s brother. The series has become one of the most successful and recognizable video game franchises in history, with numerous sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations.

To create a Mario costume, start with a pair of blue overalls and a red long-sleeve shirt. Wear a red cap with an “M” emblem on the front. Add a pair of white gloves and brown work boots to complete the outfit. Use makeup or a prop mustache to create Mario’s signature facial hair. Practice Mario’s cheerful and enthusiastic mannerisms, as well as his iconic catchphrases like “It’s-a me, Mario!” and “Let’s-a go!”

Some memorable levels or scenes from Super Mario Brothers that can inspire a costume or party theme include the classic World 1-1 with its iconic green pipes and Goombas, the underwater levels with Cheep Cheeps and Bloopers, the ghostly Boo Houses, Bowser’s Castle with its lava pits and Thwomps, and the colorful and whimsical Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. Recreate elements from these levels, such as Question Blocks, Power Stars, or Piranha Plants, for a fun and immersive experience.

Incorporating memorable quotes from Super Mario Brothers into your costume or interactions can add an extra layer of authenticity and fun. Some fan-favorite quotes include:

  • “It’s-a me, Mario!” – Mario
  • “Let’s-a go!” – Mario
  • “Mamma mia!” – Mario
  • “Here we go!” – Mario
  • “Oh yeah, Luigi time!” – Luigi
  • “Thank you so much for playing my game!” – Mario

About Super Mario Bros.

The fictional Italian plumber Mario first appeared in the arcade game Donkey Kong by video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. In 1985, Mario was introduced as the star of his own video game in Super Mario Bros. on the wildly popular Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, the Mario franchise has grown into over 200 different video games with over 500 million copies sold. It’s estimated that Nintendo’s Mario franchise is valued well over $10 billion.

Many of the Mario games follow the adventures of him and his cast in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom as he rescues Princess Peach from Bowser, whose ultimate goal is to defeat Mario. Along the way of Mario interacts with others like Luigi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, Yoshi, and many others. The Super Mario Bros. characters have appeared on a variety of game like Mario Kart and Paper Mario. Mario has even expanded to Apple’s iPhone with the release of Super Mario Run. Cosplay Mario to become the most recognized video game character of all-time.