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South Park Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite South Park Characters

Enamored by South Park? Wish you could dress up as your favorite South Park characters? Well, with our cosplay guides, now you can. South Park is an adult animated sitcom that is well-known for its profanity and dark humor. The show follows the exploits of four boys from Colorado. Now you too can look like Stan Marsh or Kenny McCormick if you want. The show’s surreal humor is geared towards mature audiences mostly and satirizes many topics. Its 2-D caricature-like animated characters have conquered the hearts of youngsters and adults alike with their bold and daring commentaries. Dress up as your favorite South Park characters and be the notorious third graders of the party.

Stan Marsh

Stan Marsh Costume

Stan Marsh is one of the main characters of the show. He is voiced by Trey Parker and is based loosely on his own personality. Stan is a kind-hearted kid with high intelligence who is also trustworthy and patient. Since he is morally upright, he expresses his lack of respect for adults of South Park as they rarely are rational and are swayed away by popular opinion. Although Stan has common childlike tendencies, his speeches are intended to reflect different stances on various issues of the world. Now, you too can dress up as Stan and let the world know what you think, uncensored.

Stan Marsh Costume
Stan Marsh Costume Guide
Kenny McCormick

Kenny McCormick Costume

Kenny McCormick is yet another main character from South Park. He speaks in a muffled voice that is hard to discern, which is mainly due to the parka hood that covers his mouth. Kenny lives in a poor family and has extraordinary experiences that are not common to the typical life of a small-town third grader. He is voiced by Matt Stone, the co-creator of the show. Kenny also has a superhero alter ego called Mysterion. Kenny has also suffered various excruciating deaths before coming back alive in the next episode. “They killed Kenny” has become the show’s catchphrase since the creators kill Kenny often. Dress up as Kenny and be the mysterious, muffled-voiced, poor boy with a superhero alter ego.

Kenny McCormick Costume
Kenny McCormick Costume Guide

South Park Cosplay Costumes

You can choose to dress up as Kenny McCormick, the third-grader who speaks in a muffled voice, or Stan Marsh, the deeply moral character. Or if you prefer, there is an option to cosplay Kyle Broflovsky as well. All the characters make the most of wintry Colorado and don bright-colored winter clothes. You can too take a leaf out of their book and make the most of the winter times, ridiculing anyone who happens to get in your face.
To dress up completely from head to toe as your favorite character from South Park, you need to follow our cosplay guide to the Tee. You wouldn’t want to have a piece of clothing or accessory missing from your get up that may jeopardize your character. Cosplaying South Park characters is so much fun especially when your friends and family are also in on it.

South Park Costume Tips & FAQs

Welcome to the raucous and irreverent world of “South Park” with our dedicated FAQ section. Here, we dive into the colorful universe of the long-running animated series known for its satirical humor and unique characters. Whether you’re aiming to craft a costume for Halloween, a convention, or just for fun, this guide will help you embody the spirit of South Park’s most iconic residents. From Cartman’s authoritative ensemble to Kenny’s muffled mysteries, get ready to explore how to bring these animated characters to life.

For an Eric Cartman costume, focus on his signature bright red jacket and yellow mittens, paired with blue pants and a white and blue winter hat with a yellow puffball on top. Emphasizing his rounded figure and his often bossy demeanor will capture Cartman’s essence. Don’t forget to practice saying, “Respect my authority!”

Kenny McCormick’s costume is iconic with his orange parka that completely covers his face, only revealing his eyes. To replicate Kenny’s look, ensure the hood of the parka is tight around your face, and consider using a thin, breathable fabric for the mouth area to stay true to his muffled voice. Orange pants and gloves complete the ensemble.

Stan Marsh’s costume would include a blue winter hat with a red puffball on top, a brown jacket, blue jeans, and red mittens. His character is often seen as the voice of reason, so carrying a confident yet concerned expression can help capture Stan’s personality.

To cosplay as Kyle Broflovski, wear a green ushanka hat, a bright orange jacket, green pants, and brown gloves. Kyle’s curly red hair, peeking out from under his hat, and his moral compass set him apart. Emphasizing his passionate speeches and strong sense of justice will bring Kyle’s character to life.

Including memorable quotes from “South Park” can make your costume or event more authentic and entertaining. Here are a few classics:

“Oh my God, they killed Kenny!” – Stan Marsh

“You bastards!” – Kyle Broflovski

“Screw you guys, I’m going home.” – Eric Cartman

“I learned something today…” – Various characters for wrapping up episodes with a moral

“They took our jobs!” – Citizens of South Park

Choose quotes that match your character or situation, and be ready to deliver them with the appropriate comedic timing and spirit of “South Park” to truly capture the essence of the show.

About South Park

South Park was created as a Trey Parker and Matt Stone after the success of their animated shorts titled The Spirit of Christmas. The show became an instant hit with the adult audience and infamous for sexual content, violence, and satirical portrayal of celebrities and leaders. Social satire only came in later episodes, while earlier ones were oriented more on shock value and slapstick-humor.

In many episodes, the show has even dealt with controversial topics like religion and politics, ridiculing those on either extreme of the contentious issues. The show’s creators describe themselves as “equal opportunity offenders”. The animation is made from computer software that emulates cutout techniques. The show’s popularity led to a film titled South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut in 1999 which even got an Academy nomination. It is considered one of the greatest TV cartoons of all time, according to the TV guide.

South Park Costumes