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Sandlot Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Sandlot Characters

Browse through The Sandlot costume guides from this cult-classic coming of age movie. This film is a throwback to a simpler time growing up and playing baseball with your neighborhood friends set in the 1960s. Find cosplay guides for some of the most memorable characters from the story, like the town beauty Wendy Peffercorn, the smart alec Squints, or the porky Hamiltion “Ham” Porter. Those were the days where learning to hit a home run and trying not getting eating by a giant dog are lifes only worries. Remember what it was like to be a kid again, by dressing up as these all to familiar characters that we all recognize from our childhood.

Squints - Sandlot

Squints Costume

Michael “Squints” Palledorous is the quint essential smart alec that just can’t help being a know-it-all. Of all the kids, he also has the biggest crush on the neighborhood sweetheart, Wendy Peffercorn. He even goes to the lengths of pretending that he drowned to get mouth-to-mouth resuscitation at the community pool. Although his stunt gets them kicked out, he eventually ends up surprising everyone by marrying his childhood crush and sharing nine children with her. With his thick-rimmed glasses, scrawny figure, backwards black cap, and nervous chuckle, he is one of the most funThe Sandlot characters to play.

Squints Costume
Squints Costume Guide
Wendy Peffercorn

Wendy Peffercorn Costume

Wendy Peffercorn is the polar oppposite of Squints. She’s popular, confident, and generally accepted to be the most beautiful girl in town. Much to the consternation of all the neighborhood boys, she is also the lifeguard at the public swimming pool. It’s here that she first got to know Squints when he tricked her into giving him mouth-to-mouth so that we could kiss her. However, it cemented their relationship and she ended up marrrying him and having nine children together many years later. Although she’s not one of the main characters of The Sandlot, she is a character we all recognize from our own childhoods.

Wendy Peffercorn Costume
Wendy Peffercorn Costume Guide

Sandlot Cosplay Costumes

With the movie set in the early 1960s and as it follows the exploits of a buch of typical neihgborhood kids, its time to wind back the clock when trying to look like these characters. Time to dig out your old baseball caps, retro striped shirts, and baggy jeans. Chances are, you grew up with a reflection of one of these characters like the baseball prodigy, Benny Rodriguez, the new kid and loner, Scotty Smalls, or the nerdy know-it-all, Squints.

The good news is, you won’t have to time travel to faithfully replicate the look of your favorite The Sandlot character. Chances are, you or some of your family will have most of what you need lying around if you know what to look for. Just look through these costume guides and pick the kid you want to look like for step-by-step instructions on how to cosplay them.

About Sandlot

The Sandlot is set in 1962 in San Fernando Valley. It’s summer and the protagonist, Scotty Small, and his family just moved into the town. He doesn’t know much about baseball, but decides to join the local kids for a game as it’s an opportunity to make some new friends. However, with the mentoring of his friend and excellent baseball player, Benny, he slowly catches on. The kids also explain to Scotty that a monstrous dog, nicknamed the Beast, protects the yard next to the baseball field.

One day when they need a ball, Scotty naively takes his stepfather’s ball signed by Babe Ruth. It soon gets knocked over the fence, and the team start to panic when they find out about the autograph. A chase ensues, and the friends finally manage to subdue the Beast and meet its owner, a former teammate of Babe Ruth who gives them a new ball signed by every player of his old team.

Sandlot Costumes