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Resident Evil Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Resident Evil Characters

Take a look through all these Resident Evil costumes and cosplay guides–all in one place. Resident Evil is a first-person shooter game that focuses on zombies and other monstrous creatures. Due to its overreaching popularity, many further game projects, movies, novels, and merchandise became available and the franchise grew. As a Halloween dress-up, Resident Evil characters are sure to strike terror into the heart of your friends and family. To this day it is Capcom’s best-selling video game franchise that has stunned many young gamers. Cosplay characters like Albert Wesker and Jack Baker and relive the monstrosities of the world of Resident Evil.

Albert Wesker

Albert Wesker Costume

Albert Wesker is one of the primary antagonists in the world of Resident Evil. His character is explored frequently in all the games of the series. He is usually the one that manipulates the story behind the scenes. His hunger for power, intelligence, insatiable sadism, and infinite cunning make him truly one of the best villains of all time. Through multiple experiments, he has been able to gain superhuman strength and the power of regeneration. It wasn’t until Resident Evil 5 in 2009 that the character was ultimately defeated. The physical appearance of Albert will remind you of villains from sci-fi movies. Check out our cosplay guide on how to dress up as Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.

Albert Wesker Costume
Albert Wesker Costume Guide
Jack Baker

Jack Baker Costume

Jack Baker is the head of the Baker family. He and his family are linked to various kidnappings and murders under the control of a genetically-modified girl named Eveline. Under her control, Jack and his family went completely insane and withdrew from the community altogether. They were even declared dead until the occasional sightings of the family members led to rumors that the Baker residence was haunted. Jack is the perfect sadistic villain of the series. Although he is a family man, it makes the character that much more personal and closer to home which makes him uncannily scary. Dress up like Jack Baker and spread terror through the hearts of young kids.

Jack Baker Costume
Jack Baker Costume Guide

Resident Evil Cosplay Costumes

There are many Resident Evil characters available for you to cosplay. If you want to look like Albert Wesker – the recurring villain in the franchise – there is a guide. Or if you want to dress up as the Red Queen, there’s an option for that too. Most Resident Evil characters have a classy, yet muted color combination, reminiscent of many apocalyptic games and movies.
However, trying to get the details down and dressing up so you convincingly portray the character is a tough task. But do not worry. We have a full cosplay guide for all popular Resident Evil characters that you can look into. Simply choose the one that you want to transform into, get the required clothing and accessories, and you’re good to go. A night of cosplay dressed up as Resident Evil characters will surely creep your friends out for good.

About Resident Evil

Created by Shinji Mikami and owned by Capcom, Resident Evil was released way back in 1996. The main story of the game revolves around a zombie outbreak that players have to survive. It is the only game that has single-handedly popularized survival-horror games and breathed new life into zombies mainstream popular culture. The franchise has grown by leaps and bounds and now includes various sequels that include elements of different game genres such as exploration, puzzle-solving, and action. But the storyline has been one thing that has always been inspired by horror and action films. Resident Evil games have sold a whopping 90 million units worldwide. Resident Evil film adaptations are also the highest-grossing movie series based on video games, garnering over $1 billion. With such a huge impact on pop culture, its characters are truly immortalized. Now you too can dress up Resident Evil characters and be the killer of the undead.

Resident Evil Costumes