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Ready Player One Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Ready Player One Characters

Checkout custome guides for the Stephen Spielberg movie Ready Player One. This film is rich with pop and gaming culture references with a host of exciting new and popular existing characters. Plug into OASIS and join Wade Watts, a.k.a. Parzival, Samantha Cook, a.k.a. Art3mis and co as they battle it out for control of this virtual world, and the real one. Find your favorite character to be your avatar at your next costume party or event and see how you can look just like them with our step-by-step cosplay instructions. The future of OASIS and the human race is in your hands!

Art3mis Costume

Art3mis Costume

Art3mis is the virtual reality avatar with an elf-like appearance and spiky red hair of Samantha Cook. She is the first to join forces with Parzival in OASIS as they both have a strong interest in the game’s founder and also becomes a member of the High Five gang. Both in OASIS and the real world, she is always at Parzival’s side figthing IOI and even saves his life when they attempt to bomb his house in real life. She’s extremely knowledgeable, independent, and spunky and doesn’t believe that online love can be real untill she and Parzival falls for each other later on.

Art3mis Costume
Art3mis Costume Guide

Parzival Costume

Parzival is the avatar of Ready Player One’s main protagonist, Wade Watts and named after one of Arthur’s nights, Percival. He is tall with handsome features and silver hair, a nod to Devil May Cry character Dante and usually wears a black shirt and sleevless denim jacket. Although he is slightly nerdy and held back in real life, as Parzival, Wade is passionate, dedicated, and highly skilled, especially in pursuit of the Golden Easter Egg. He soon strikes up a friendship with the equally serious Art3mis and becomes the leader of the resistance movement against the corporation, and would be overlords of OASIS, IOI.

Parzival Costume
Parzival Costume Guide

Ready Player One Cosplay Costumes

As a celebration of gaming culture and set in a dystopian world where people spend just as much time as their digital avatars as their real-world selves, there’s no shortage of Ready Player One characters to cosplay as. High Five, the party of gunters leading the fight against IOI for control of OASIS consist of protagonist Parzival (Wade Wyatt), Art3mis (Samantha Cook), Zhou (Sho), Aech (Helen), and Daito (Toshiro). Along the way, they’re joined by many other player characters as well as NPC’s from popular culture.

Suiting up for costume party doesn’t need to be as challenging as fighting an international corporation in a virtual world. Follow the easy, step-by-step instructions in each guide to customize your look and nail it for your next costumed event. The toughest challenge you’ll need to overcome is to settle on just one of these characters to dress up as.

Ready Player One Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the expansive universe of “Ready Player One” with our FAQ section, where we explore the intricate world of this groundbreaking movie and novel. Whether you’re a fan of the film adaptation directed by Steven Spielberg or the original novel by Ernest Cline, this section is your go-to guide for embodying the characters and delving into the lore. Discover tips on crafting costumes, understanding character dynamics, and embracing the spirit of the OASIS.

To embody Parzival, focus on his avatar’s distinctive blue and grey jumpsuit with hints of futuristic armor and gadgets. For Wade Watts, aim for a casual, slightly worn look with graphic tees referencing 80s pop culture, a lightweight jacket, and jeans. Don’t forget the VR headset or goggles to signify immersion in the OASIS.

Art3mis’s avatar is known for her unique punk-rock style mixed with a cyberpunk aesthetic. Opt for a leather jacket, a dark red or purple tank top, black leggings or pants with combat boots, and her signature silver hair in a pixie cut or bob. Accessories like chunky belts, arm cuffs, and a VR headset are essential to capture her look.

For a group costume as the High Five, each person should focus on the key elements of their character’s avatar. Alongside Parzival and Art3mis, include Aech’s mechanic-inspired outfit with cargo pants and a tank top, Daito’s samurai armor, and Shoto’s ninja gear with futuristic touches. Cohesion can be achieved through the use of similar color schemes or group insignia.

Iconic props and themes for a “Ready Player One” party could include the Egg (as a scavenger hunt prize), miniature versions of the DeLorean or Akira bike, and recreations of key locations like the Distracted Globe nightclub with its zero-gravity dance floor. Use neon lights and VR headset stations to enhance the immersive experience.

Integrating memorable quotes from “Ready Player One” can bring authenticity to your costume or add fun to themed events. Some notable quotes include:

“It’s not about winning, it’s about playing the game.” – Wade Watts

“A fanboy knows a hater.” – Art3mis

“First to the key!” – Parzival

“No one in the world gets what they want and that is beautiful.” – Wade Watts

“I’m not a gunter. I’m a gamer.” – Aech

Choose quotes that resonate with your chosen character or that you can use in conversations to enhance the themed atmosphere. Practice delivering them with the confidence or style of your character for an added layer of interaction.

About Ready Player One

Ready Player One is set in a dystopian future sometime in the 2040s. Almost the entire world regularly plays in the virtual reality game called OASIS to escape their depressing world that’s suffering from pollution, socio economic problems, and overpopulation. When he died, one of the founders of OASIS anounced an Easter Egg hidden within the game that would give its finder full control over OASIS. Many players, calling themselves “”gunters””, make it their mission to find this Easter Egg which would make them unimaginably rich and powerful.

Of course, the multinational corporation IOI is hell-bent on finding the Easter Egg and monetizing OASIS for their own gain. Wade Watts, playing as Parzival eventually also joins the hunt for the Easter Egg and soon becomes the leader of the movement to stand up against IOI by beating them to it. However, the battle is soon fought in the real world as well as in the virtual one, with real stakes.

Ready Player One Costumes