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Pokemon Go Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Pokemon Go Characters

Browse through the Pokémon Go cosplay guides from this record-breaking mobile game. Tapping into nostalgia from the 90s, Niantic, brought back to life everyone’s favorite characters on your mobile device screen. Now with the ability to become a Pokemon Trainer, you can represent your team, whether you identify as a Mystic, Instinct, or Valor. You can also team up with Professor Willow, who assists the players throughout their journey. His abilities can range from catching Pokémon to training and battling at the Pokégyms; Professor Willow does it all! With each guide, you can see how to dress like your favorite character or show your devotion to your favorite team as you prepare to “catch ‘em all.”

Valor Trainer (F) Costume

Of the three Pokémon Go teams, being a part of team Valor means being amongst some of the fiercest and ruthless players in the game. Known for their strength and power, trainers from Team Valor band together against teams Mystic and Instinct to take over as many Pokégyms as they can. They sport the color red to reflect their intensity and their willingness to win through any means possible. Since the release of Pokémon Go, players have quickly bonded and identified with their teams, sticking together and supporting one another both online and in real life. Such devotion has resulted in many people dressing as their favorite Pokémon team to show their allegiance!

Valor Trainer (F) Costume
Valor Trainer (F) Costume Guide

Professor Willow Costume

Many may know Professor Willow as the man in Pokémon Go who trades candies for Pokémon. But, what many don’t know is that Professor Willow inherited his love of Pokémon from his parents. As his mother studied Pokémon ecology and his dad loved spending time outdoors, it was only fitting for Professor Willow to become the trusted Pokémon professor that he is today. When beginning Pokémon Go, Professor Willow is the primary source of information. He provides players with the basics to get them started on their path of becoming a Trainer. While he may not seem so important at first, he is the go-to character that helps players learn all the tips and tricks for success.

Professor Willow Costume
Professor Willow Costume Guide

Pokemon Go Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Pokémon Go in 2016 sparked nostalgia for those that grew up watching the cartoon characters. Memories of Ash and Pikachu catching Pokémon and battling enemies. Many remember back to the days of trading Pokémon cards in hopes of finally scoring the rare holographic Charizard or Mewtwo. Now, with Pokémon Go, players can fulfill their Pokémon dreams by becoming a Trainer themselves and catching their very own Pikachu. Additionally, dressing up as your favorite Pokémon characters can be just as fun!

If you’re trying to look like your favorite Pokémon Go character, this task may seem like a task for the most experienced Trainers. But, you’ll find it’s as easy as catching a Rattata or Pidgey! Each DIY cosplay guide includes the pieces you need to complete the look of your favorite Pokémon Go characters—Professor Willow or Trainers from the Mystic, Valor, and Instinct teams. Perhaps you can prepare for a heated debate on whether Mystic or Valor is better!

About Pokemon Go

Pokémon has a long history that includes video games, TV series, and trading cards. However, Pokémon Go was only released recently and has since become widely popular in several countries. As an augmented reality (AR) mobile game, Pokémon Go allows users to change the world around them. You also become a Pokémon Trainer for the Mystic, Instinct, or Valor teams, whichever the player chooses.

Unlike other mobile games, Pokémon Go uses the GPS coordinates of a player’s location to change their city into a world surrounded by Pokémon, Pokégyms, and Pokéstops. These points of interest can be any location ranging from local restaurants, parks, to even landmarks. Using local places as part of the game forces users to get outside of the house and interact with the world around them, and step out to “catch ‘em all!”

Pokemon Go Costumes