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Mr. Robot Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Mr. Robot Characters

Browse through the Mr. Robot costume guides from the award-winning television series. Featuring Rami Malek as a cybersecurity engineer and hacker, the show follows his character as they try to destroy all debt records. Originally airing online in 2015, the show was picked up by USA television network later that same year and has since aired for additional seasons. Now, you can bring your favorite “hacktivists” to life at your next costume party with our easy-to-follow costume guides for all your favorite Mr. Robot characters. With each guide, you can see what you need to look like the best hackers in the game.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot Costume

As the co-founder and leader of fsociety, Mr. Robot has revolutionary aspirations to bring down one of the largest corporations in the world, E Corp. Similar to that of a militant cult leader, Mr. Robot, played by Christian Slater, is quick to manipulate and turn to violence to get what he wants despite his charisma and intelligence. Viewers soon realize that Mr. Robot is a construct in Elliot’s mind, and was created by Elliot to incite war against society. Appearing in videos and wearing a plastic mask, tuxedo, top hat, and cane, Mr. Robot somewhat resembles the looks of the Monopoly Man. With a heavily distorted voice, Mr. Robot is known for his mystery, secrecy, and willingness to destroy society.

Mr. Robot Costume
Mr. Robot Costume Guide
Elliot Alderson Costume

Elliot Alderson Costume

Played by Rami Malek, Elliot Anderson is a cybersecurity engineer and vigilante in New York City trying to destroy large corporations. With a mission to eliminate all consumer debt, Elliot joins fsociety to hack into E Corp and erase their data and debt records. However, Elliot also deals with mental illness like social anxiety and clinical depression. While many of his disorders are managed with medication, Elliot frequently suffers from paranoia and delusions, making him an unreliable narrator. His instability leaves viewers wondering how much they can trust his judgments. Always wearing his black hoodie with his hood over his head, Elliot’s clothing acts as a security blanket as he tries to live in a society that continually rejects and judges him.

Elliot Alderson Costume
Elliot Alderson Costume Guide

Mr. Robot Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Mr. Robot in 2015 received critical acclaim as viewers were introduced to a new kind of character. Following the life of Elliot Alderson, played by Rami Malek, dives into what it’s like to live with a social anxiety disorder and clinical depression. Recreating each character’s outfits for a costume party or Halloween event can be just as mysterious. Dress like your favorite hacker or coder and join fsociety for the day!

Recreating your favorite outfits doesn’t have to be as difficult as hacking the largest corporate conglomerate in the world! Most of the costumes, as seen on the USA Network show, can be easily put together by digging through your closet or by visiting a local thrift shop. Take a look at each DIY cosplay guide to determine the exact costume pieces you and your friends need to look like specific characters appearing in Mr. Robot. Characters like Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot, Darlene, and others.

Mr. Robot Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the complex and shadowy world of “Mr. Robot” with our FAQ section, a guide designed for fans of the critically acclaimed series that delves into hacking, identity, and the quest to disrupt societal structures. Whether you’re drawn to Elliot Alderson’s brooding genius, Mr. Robot’s charismatic leadership, or any other character’s multifaceted persona, this guide will help you embody the essence of the show’s characters for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a touch of cyber intrigue and psychological depth.

To cosplay as Elliot Alderson, focus on his signature hacker look: a black hoodie, often worn over a black t-shirt, dark jeans, and black sneakers or boots. Elliot’s appearance is understated, reflecting his introverted and complex character. Adding a backpack and a laptop or a rolled-up sleeve to suggest a computer hacker’s tools can enhance the authenticity. Embodying Elliot’s intense and contemplative demeanor, along with his tendency to speak in a measured, thoughtful manner, will bring depth to your portrayal.

For a Mr. Robot costume, the most iconic piece is the patch-laden black jacket with “MR. ROBOT” embroidered on the chest, mirroring the attire of a computer repair shop uniform. Underneath, wear a plaid shirt with a white undershirt, dark pants, and work boots to complete the look. Mr. Robot’s confident, sometimes abrasive personality contrasts with Elliot’s, so adopting a more assertive and charismatic demeanor will enhance your portrayal. A cap or beanie can also add to the character’s distinct appearance.

To cosplay as Darlene Alderson, opt for her punk-inspired hacker aesthetic, which includes a leather jacket, graphic tees, ripped black jeans, and combat boots. Darlene’s signature round sunglasses and her dark, wavy hair with bangs are essential to capturing her look. Accessories like a choker necklace and a laptop or hacker equipment can signify her role in the fsociety hacking group. Embodying Darlene’s tough exterior and vulnerable interior, along with her sharp wit, will make for a convincing representation.

Tyrell Wellick’s costume requires a sharp, corporate appearance to reflect his ambitious and sometimes ruthless personality. Opt for a tailored suit, crisp dress shirt, and a sleek tie, along with dress shoes. Tyrell’s clean, slicked-back hairstyle and a well-groomed beard complete his meticulous look. Carrying a smartphone or a business card holder can hint at his high-status position within E Corp. Adopting Tyrell’s intense gaze and composed, yet occasionally unhinged, demeanor will bring authenticity to your costume.

Including memorable quotes from “Mr. Robot” can add depth and intrigue to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“Hello, friend.” – Elliot Alderson, often used at the beginning of his inner monologues

“Control is an illusion.” – Mr. Robot

“We are finally awake.” – Darlene Alderson, referring to the impact of their actions

“I always find it vexing, the way they stare at me.” – Tyrell Wellick, on being under scrutiny

“I wanted to save the world.” – Elliot Alderson, on his motivations

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate emotion and tone for a truly immersive experience.

About Mr. Robot

Premiering in 2015, Mr. Robot follows the life of cybersecurity engineer and hacker Elliot Alderson as he works for Allsafe security in New York City. Eventually, Elliot is recruited by a mysterious Mr. Robot to join his group of hacktivists whose first mission is to eliminate all consumer debt by hacking into and destroying the data of E Corp, or Evil Corp as Elliot likes to think of them.

Throughout the show’s seasons, viewers not only witness Elliot join the highly secretive fsociety to become part of a mysterious hacker group, but they also get an inside look into what it’s like living with mental illness. Elliot suffers from a social anxiety disorder and clinical depression which contributes to his inability to participate in social situations. As he tries to maneuver becoming part of a highly selective, secretive hacker group, he also maneuvers the ups and downs of his personality leaving the viewers wondering just how reliable Elliot is.

Mr. Robot Costumes