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King of the Hill Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite King of the Hill Characters

Browse through costume guides for all of the most important characters from the animated sitcom, King of the Hill. Join the middle-class Hank Hill and other residents of the fictionaly city of Arlen, Texas as they go through everyday American life in the late 1900s. Together with wife Peggy, son Bobby, and live-in niece Luanne are a reflection of the conventional American family. Find the cosplay guide for your favorite character from the hit show and bring them to life with our step-by-step costume guides. With such a variety of unique personalities to choose from, you’ll have fun personifying this slice of Southern America.

Dale Gribble

Dale Gribble Costume

Dale Gribble is your typical conspiracy nut. Chain smoker, bounty hunter, bug exterminator, self-defense pioneer, and gun fanatic – he is one of the few people that regularly pushes the usually calm Hank Hills’ buttons. He is skinny for a middle-aged man and always wears aviator shades, an orange hunting cap, brown button up shirt, jeans, and brown shoes, and of course, a cigarette in his hand. As suspicious as he is of almost everything and as much as he is a conspiracy enthusiast, Dale is unaware for most of the series of his wife’s affair with the Native American Redcorn, and that he is infact the biological father of his son, Joseph.

Dale Gribble Costume
Dale Gribble Costume Guide
Luanne Platter

Luanne Platter Costume

Luanne is the daughter of Peggy’s good-for-nothing husband and alcoholic wife that lives with the Hill family. At first, Hank encourages her to move out at every opportunity but soon warms up to her and accepts her as part of the family. She is sweet, pretty, and good-natured but also slightly over emotional and naive. Over the course of the series, she’s had many different jobs from cosmetologist to babysitter to model to puppeteer. She also has an unpexpected penchant for mechanical system, fixing Hank’s truck in the first episode. Although her outfits change as regulalry as her work, she has permed blond hair and is usually dressed for summer with a crop top and shorts.

Luanne Platter Costume
Luanne Platter Costume Guide

King of the Hill Cosplay Costumes

Throughout the series’ 13 seasons, there has been no shortage of new and recurring characters, mostly around Hank Hill’s block in Arlen Texas. It’s the variety of personalities and clashing views that make the show tick. This slice of Americana has plenty of fun cosplay opportunities. Characters like the naive and emotional Luanne, the daughter of Peggy’s good for nothing brother, who goes to beauty school and runs a Christian puppet show and Dale Gribble, the chain-smoker, bug exterminator, and licensed bounty hunter are just some of the quirky regulars.

When cosplaying characters from such an iconic and popular show, it’s natural to be worried about nailing your costume. As you’ll be dressed as everyday characters, it’s all about the details to make sure that everyone recognizes who you are and to make your costume a hit. By following these step-by-step instructions in our cosplay guides, you won’t miss out on any element and it will make dressing up as one of these household names a breeze.

About King of the Hill

King of the Hill is an animated American sitcom created by Beavis and Butthead creator and Greg Daniels. It first aired in 1997 and ran for 13 seasons and 259 episodes until 2010. The show follows Hank Hill who is the protagonist and patriarch of the Hill family and a relatively mild-mannered conservative with relaxed views and opinions. His family consists of wife Peggy, son Bobby, mother and father Tilly and Cotton, and niece Luanne.

Taking place in the fictional city of Arlen, Texas, the show is a slice of middle-class America typical of the South and Midwest. Hank is the typical hard-working, honest, and responsible American family man who’s conventional views are challenged throughout the show, whether it’s from his son that’s more into comedy and cooking than sports or his eccentric neighbors, like the bounty-hunting Dale Gribble.

King of the Hill Costumes