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Isle of Dogs Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Isle of Dogs Characters

Look through costume guides for characters from the acclaimed Wes Anderson stop motion film. This beautifully crafted stop motion film pays homage to Japanese culture, both ancient and new. See how you can bring these human companions of the titular dogs to life, like Atari Kobayashi or Tracy Walker. The characters names and appearances are inspired by Japanese pop culture and aesthetics with, which means you’ll have one of the most unique cosplaying opportunities dressing up as these characters. So, get ready to take on the role of dog’s best friend (or worst enemy) by cosplaying one of these Isle of Dogs characters.

Atari Kobayashi

Atari Kobayashi Costume

Atari Kobayashi is the 12-year old main protagonist of Isle of Dogs. His uncle, Kenji Kobayashi is the authoritarian mayor of Megasaki and also the head of an ancient pro-cat and anti-dog clan. He has Atari’s bodyguard dog sent to an abandoned island with all the other dogs in the city. Kitted out in his spacesuit-like gear, Atari steals a plan and sets out to find Spots, making more canine friends along the way as well as with the help of Tracy and her pro-dog activists. In the end, he manages to save all of Megasaki’s dogs and takes Spot’s younger brother as his new bodyguard and best friend.

Atari Kobayashi Costume
Atari Kobayashi Costume Guide
Tracy Walker

Tracy Walker Costume

Tracy is an outspoken and fearless pro-dog activist from America. When she hears of the conspiracy to put down all of Megasaki’s dogs, she goes to Japan to try and put a stop to it. She soon uncovers the truth; that the mayor Kobayashi and his henchmen created the “dog flu” as justification to exile and then put down all of Megasaki’s dogs. She also learns of Atari’s mission and tries to do anything in her power to help him, falling for him in the process. With her blonde afro, school girl outfit, freckles, and “pro dog” headband, there’s no mistaking her when you see her.

Tracy Walker Costume
Tracy Walker Costume Guide

Isle of Dogs Cosplay Costumes

If you have an appreciation or love of Japanese culture or dogs, there are no shortage of fun Isle of Dog options for your next costumed party. Most of the characters looks are inspired by 20th century Japanese pop culture. From Tracy Walker in her schoolgirl outfit to Atari in his space age-like jumpsuit to the imperious mayor of Megasaki Kenji Kobayashi or his ghoulish henchman Majordomo, you’ll be able to pay your own homage to Japanese aesthetics while having fun cosplaying these eclectic characters.

Getting such quirky characters spot on as well as staying faithful and respective towards the source material and its influences can be intimidating. However, we’ll guide you every step of the way and show you all the details so that you can get it just right. Every guide will be broken down into simple, step-by-step instructions to follow along with so you can cosplay these characters to perfection.

Isle of Dogs Costume Tips & FAQs

Immerse yourself in the meticulously crafted world of “Isle of Dogs” with our FAQ section, dedicated to fans of Wes Anderson’s distinctive stop-motion animated film. Set in a dystopian future Japan, the story revolves around a young boy’s quest to find his lost dog on an island filled with exiled canines. Whether you’re drawn to the film’s unique visual style, its poignant narrative, or the memorable canine characters, this guide will help you recreate the look and spirit of “Isle of Dogs” for cosplay events, themed parties, or simply to pay homage to this cinematic gem.

To cosplay as Chief, focus on creating a look that captures his rugged yet noble appearance. Utilize textured materials to mimic his fur’s black and white pattern. Crafting a dog mask or headpiece with expressive eyes and ears can help convey Chief’s stoic yet sensitive nature. Incorporating a red dog collar and a makeshift tag can complete the ensemble. Embodying Chief’s protective and eventually loyal demeanor is key to a convincing portrayal.

Atari Kobayashi’s costume requires his signature black and white pilot uniform, complete with a cap that has a red emblem. Adding a handmade badge with the Kobayashi family crest will enhance the authenticity. Don’t forget to include props like a toy airplane or a photo of Spots, Atari’s lost dog, to highlight his quest. Capturing Atari’s determined and courageous spirit is essential for embodying his character.

For Rex, King, or any of the film’s other canine characters, select fabric or materials that best represent their fur’s color and texture. For example, Rex has a light brown coat, while King is characterized by his soft white fur with a crown-like pattern around his head. Crafting distinct headpieces that reflect each dog’s unique facial features and expressions will bring these characters to life. Adding accessories like Rex’s blue collar or King’s red sweater can provide character-specific details.

To cosplay as Mayor Kobayashi, wear a traditional dark suit with a white shirt and a dark tie, and add a sash indicating his political status. A fake mustache and eyebrows can mimic his stern appearance. For Interpreter Nelson, a simple, professional outfit with a headset prop can convey her role. Attention to the distinctive hairstyles and makeup, such as Mayor Kobayashi’s severe look or Nelson’s more understated appearance, will enhance the authenticity of these characters.

Incorporating memorable quotes from “Isle of Dogs” can add depth to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few poignant lines:

“I wish somebody spoke his language.” – Chief, on communication barriers
“To the north, a long rickety causeway over noxious sludge marsh leading to a radioactive landfill polluted by toxic chemical garbage. That’s our destination. Get ready to jump.” – Rex, describing the Isle of Dogs
“We get the idea. You’re looking for your lost dog spots. Does anybody know him?” – King, when meeting Atari
“I’ve seen cats with more balls than you dogs.” – Nutmeg, challenging the dogs’ courage
“If he’s alive, we’ll find your dog.” – Chief, promising Atari to help find Spots

Choose quotes that resonate with your chosen character and practice delivering them with the appropriate emotion and context for a truly immersive experience.

About Isle of Dogs

The heart of Isle of Dogs is the friendship between a boy and his dog. Atari is that boy, and will go to any lengths to be reunited with his best friend Spots. The film is set sometime during the 19th century in Megasaki, a finctional Japanese city. After an outbreak of a mysterious “”dog flu””, the authoritarian mayor, Kenji Kobayashi, soon makes a decree that banishes all dogs to a garbage dump island in fear of a human outbreak.

It turns out that Atari is the mayors nephew and ward, and his bodyguard dog Spots was one of the dogs sent to the island. When Atari steals a plan and crashlands on this Isle of Dogs, he befriends a pack of dogs that reluctantly, under their leader Chief, helps reunite him with Spots. Through many twists and turns, he eventually confronts his uncle which it turns out is the head of an ancient clan bent on elminating dogs.

Isle of Dogs Costumes