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Inside Out Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Inside Out Characters

Find the best costumes to look like the characters from Disney Pixar’s Inside Out. Express yourself by bringing one of Riley’s five emotions to life—Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust. Become like the characters themselves and turn red like Anger, go green with Disgust, blue with Sadness, or pink with Fear. Here you can learn how to dress as these weird and wonderful creatures and bring out all their characteristics using each step-by-step costume guide. Each cosplay guide describes an Inside Out character and how you can dress to impress at your next costume party. But, just because you dress like Anger, doesn’t mean you have to act like him!


Sadness Costume

Sadness is the most gloomy of Riley’s five emotions. She can’t help seeing the bad in the world but also provides comfort to other characters. She cares deeply about Riley and can’t help getting upset; she even cries over spilled milk. When sadness takes control, she is also able to help Riley talk to her parents and create a whole new part of Riley’s life. Even though Sadness can be a downer, she forms one of the most beautiful moments of the movie. Sadness and Joy are two different sides of blue, Joy’s hair is a glowing fun blue, but Sadness is dark and empathetic blue.

Sadness Costume
Sadness Costume Guide

Anger Costume

If Anger weren’t so hot-headed, he’d look like a friendly old neighbor, or helpful hardware store owner. His unassuming outfit of brown leather shoes and rolled up shirt sleeves is deceiving. But he’s as hot-headed as they come. Joy describes him as caring “very deeply about things being fair” while he erupts over Riley not getting desert. He doesn’t always get along with the others and has set some on fire at different stages. He’s also accused San Francisco of ruining pizza. Deep down, though, he wants the best for Riley but has a fiery way of expressing it.

Anger Costume
Anger Costume Guide

Inside Out Cosplay Costumes

The five characters in Disney Pixar’s Inside Out are a great opportunity for some friends to impress at a costume party or with a group Cosplay outfit. Each is bursting with colors that express different attitudes. It might seem hard to dress like each animated character, but it’s easier than balancing Riley’s emotions!

The following costume guides break down each character’s features into easy to follow simple, step-by-step instruction to bring Riley’s emotions out into the real world. Pick the style you would like, and you’ll soon be bursting with all the energy and emotions of the wild world of Disney.

Inside Out Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on an emotional journey with these Inside Out FAQs. Whether you’re feeling joy, sadness, anger, fear, or disgust, we’re here to answer your questions about creating costumes, exploring trivia, and celebrating the heartwarming and imaginative story of the animated film Inside Out.

Some recognizable costumes for Inside Out characters include Joy’s yellow dress and blue hair, Sadness’ blue turtleneck sweater and round glasses, Anger’s red business suit and fiery hair, Fear’s purple bow tie and houndstooth vest, and Disgust’s green dress and eyelashes. Don’t forget to add character-specific accessories, such as Joy’s blue memory orb, Sadness’ blue face paint, or Anger’s flames. Embodying the emotions and expressions of the characters will also enhance your costume.

Some lesser-known facts about Inside Out include that the film was directed by Pete Docter and produced by Pixar Animation Studios. It was released in 2015 and received widespread critical acclaim for its unique portrayal of emotions and mental health. The character designs for the emotions were inspired by shapes, with Joy being star-shaped, Sadness being teardrop-shaped, Anger being square-shaped, Fear being a raw nerve, and Disgust being broccoli-shaped. Additionally, the film’s creators consulted with psychologists to accurately depict the complexities of emotions and memory.

To create a Joy costume, start with a bright yellow dress with a slightly flared skirt to represent Joy’s cheerful outfit. Wear a pair of light blue tights or leggings to match Joy’s skin tone. Style your hair in a short, spiky blue wig or use temporary hair color spray to achieve Joy’s vibrant blue hair. Add a pair of blue face paint or makeup to your face and arms to complete Joy’s look. Accessorize with a blue memory orb prop, which can be crafted from a clear plastic ball and blue lights or purchased as a costume accessory. Practice Joy’s exuberant and optimistic mannerisms and expressions to fully embody the character.

Some memorable scenes from Inside Out that can inspire a costume or party theme include the Headquarters where the emotions work, the journey through Long-Term Memory, the visit to Imagination Land, the encounter with Bing Bong in the Memory Dump, and the resolution at the Family Island. Recreate elements from these scenes, such as memory orbs, the control console, and Bing Bong’s wagon, for a fun and immersive experience. An Inside Out party theme could also include activities based on emotions, such as a “memory orb” scavenger hunt or an “emotion charades” game.

Incorporating memorable quotes from “Inside Out” into your costume or interactions can add an extra layer of authenticity and fun. Some fan-favorite quotes include:

“Come on, group hug! You too, Anger.” – Joy

“Crying helps me slow down and obsess over the weight of life’s problems.” – Sadness

“Congratulations, San Francisco! You’ve ruined pizza!” – Anger

“I’m Joy. This is Sadness. That’s Anger. This is Disgust. And that’s Fear.” – Joy

“Take her to the moon for me. Okay?” -Bing Bong

“Who’s your friend who likes to play? Bing Bong, Bing Bong!” – Bing Bong

“It’s just that I wanted to maybe hold one. A core memory.” – Sadness

“I’m not actually sure what she does. And I’ve checked, there’s no place for her to go, so she’s good. We’re good. It’s all great.” – Joy (about Sadness)

“You can’t focus on what’s going wrong. There’s always a way to turn things around.” – Joy

“All right! We did not die today. I call that an unqualified success.” – Fear

“Riley is the sun, warm and bright and lights up my whole day.” – Riley’s Mom

About Inside Out

Inside Out was written and directed by Pete Docter for Disney Pixar. The idea for the movie came to him when he became interested in how his daughter began changing as she got older. The filmmakers were helped by psychologists, who made the film more realistic by advising how children’s brains develop neurophysically and how emotions are affected in interpersonal situations.

The genius of the movie lies in how Joy neglects the other feelings in Riley’s life. Joy tries to make Riley feel nothing but positive things, but life is much more complicated. Anger, Disgust, Sadness, and Fear all have their roles to play. The level of detail put into Inside Out earned it multiple awards, not just for its depiction of childhood, but for its animation and voice acting. In 2016, the BBC ranked it 41 in its list of the 100 Greatest Films of the 21st Century. The movie is so good that even Disgust would have to approve.

Inside Out Costumes