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Gilligan’s Island Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Gilligan’s Island Characters

Browse through classic Gilligan’s Island costume and cosplay guides from the popular comedy series that aired in the 60s. The sitcom centers around a group of people who have found themselves shipwrecked on a deserted island. The television series follows their experiences as they encounter new obstacles with failed attempts to get off the island. Bring the 60s back at your next [Halloween] costume party with our easy-to-follow costume guides for the top Gilligans’s Island characters. With each guide, you can see how to dress up as if you came straight off a three-hour tour in the Pacific Ocean! Just try not to get stranded at your next party.


Gilligan Costume

As one of the most dimensional characters on the show, Gilligan is a loveable man known for clumsiness and naivety. Whenever the group comes up with a new plan to get off the island, their plans are always ruined when accident-prone Gilligan somehow interferes. However, whenever he ruins the plans he usually ends up saving the group from some future event that the group didn’t anticipate. Thinking of himself as a young boy, Gilligan often gets nervous around the beautiful women on the island like Ginger and Mary Ann. Despite his youthfulness, he still tries his best to impress The Skipper and will help out whenever he can to make The Skipper happy.

Gilligan Costume
Gilligan Costume Guide
The Skipper

The Skipper Costume

Jonas Grumby, aka “The Skipper,” is the captain of the S.S. Minnow when the boat gets caught in a storm and shipwrecks on an abandoned island. As captain, Skipper takes on the leadership role of the group and often takes control when trying to get off the island. With a background in the Navy, Skipper tends to have a calm manner when faced with hardships. Even though The Skipper is typically kind and benevolent, he often expresses frustration towards Gilligan when ruining his plans. He is perhaps best known for continually smacking Gilligan in the head with his hat whenever Gilligan makes a juvenile comment. The pair make for an iconic duo perfect for cosplaying at your next party.

The Skipper Costume
The Skipper Costume Guide

Gilligan’s Island Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Gilligan’s Island introduced viewers to a now-iconic cast who became stranded on an uncharted island. With so many clashing personalities, the show makes for comedic scenarios that you can now bring to life! Recreating each character’s shipwrecked outfits for a costume party or [Halloween] event can be just as adventurous. Jump back a couple of decades to cosplay your favorite 60s sitcom character.

Recreating the outfits of your favorite characters doesn’t have to be as difficult as getting off a stranded island! Most of the costumes, as seen on the show, can be easily put together by digging through your closet and purchasing a few items you may not have. Take a look at each DIY cosplay guide to determine the exact missing costume pieces you need. The guides will specify how to get the look of hilarious characters like Gilligan, Skipper, Mary Ann, Ginger, and others.

Gilligan’s Island Costume Tips & FAQs

Set sail for the uncharted isle with our “Gilligan’s Island” FAQ section, a tribute to the classic 1960s sitcom that captured the hearts of audiences with its tale of seven castaways stranded on a deserted island. Whether you’re aiming to embody the bumbling yet endearing Gilligan, the wise Skipper, the glamorous Ginger, or any other beloved character, this guide will help you recreate their iconic looks and embody their unique personalities for your next costume event or themed party.

To dress up as Gilligan, focus on his signature red shirt and white sailor cap, paired with denim bell-bottom pants. Adding a navy blue or black tie will complete his iconic outfit. Carrying a makeshift coconut or a map can add a humorous touch, reflecting his frequent mishaps and good-natured blunders.

The Skipper’s costume requires a blue naval shirt with white stripes on the collar and sleeves, navy blue pants, and a white sailor hat. Emphasizing his rotund physique with a pillow or padding can add authenticity. Don’t forget to embody his leadership qualities mixed with a temperamental yet caring nature.

Ginger Grant’s costume should exude old Hollywood glamour, reflective of her status as a movie star. Choose a flowing evening gown or a stylish, mid-century modern dress, preferably in bright or sparkling fabrics. Accessorize with costume jewelry, high heels, and style your hair in a classic 1960s fashion. Adopting her sultry voice and dramatic demeanor will enhance the portrayal.

Mary Ann Summers’ girl-next-door look is simple yet iconic. Opt for a gingham dress or a pair of shorts with a tied-front shirt, complemented by her signature pigtails. Adding a straw hat and a friendly, optimistic attitude will capture Mary Ann’s wholesome and resourceful character.

Including memorable quotes from “Gilligan’s Island” can make your costume or themed event interactions more engaging. Here are a few classics:

“Oh my gosh, Skipper!” – Gilligan, often when realizing a mistake

“Gilligan, little buddy…” – Skipper, when addressing Gilligan

“Well, isn’t that nice?” – Mrs. Howell, often in response to the island’s simple pleasures

“I have a plan.” – The Professor, usually before explaining a scientific solution to a problem

“Darlings!” – Ginger, in her glamorous Hollywood tone

Choose quotes that fit your character and practice delivering them with the appropriate voice or style for a truly immersive experience.

About Gilligan’s Island

Premiering in 1964, Gilligan’s Island follows the lives of a group of Hawaiian tourists who go on a three-hour tour, only to become shipwrecked after a storm on an uncharted island. Revolving around a vastly different group of people, the show showcases the obstacles they face with the many failed attempts when attempting to be saved. The show centers around Gilligan, the main character who is both clumsy and endearingly dumb. He is incredibly accident-prone and is typically the reason the group’s efforts to get off the island fail.

While the show received much praise during its original run, it gained even more popularity years later when reruns ran. As an American cultural icon, Gilligan’s Island has become a household name. Known for its slapstick comedy, Gilligan’s Island also explored the relationship between Gilligan and The Captain. They often broke the fourth wall to express their frustrations when the plans to be rescued didn’t pan out.

Gilligan’s Island Costumes