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Frozen Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Frozen Characters

Experience the enchanting costume guides from one of Disney’s highest-grossing films, Frozen. In 2013, Disney introduced iconic characters with their award-winning film, leaving people of all ages singing and dancing to what are now some of the most well-known Disney songs. Now, you have the ability to become the popular characters like Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, or Kristoff through these easy-to-follow cosplay guides. With each guide, you can see how to dress like your favorite character and stay cool as you sing and dance the night away!

Elsa from Frozen

Queen Elsa Costume

As one of Disney’s most iconic queens, Elsa is known for her blonde braid and icy power. As a child, Elsa began using her ice magic with her younger sister, Anna, as they played in the snow, creating snowmen like Olaf. After accidentally injuring Anna with her powers, their parents have Anna’s memory of Elsa’s power erased. They also keep Elsa locked away in their palace out of fear that another accident is inevitable. As a result, Elsa becomes insecure and reclusive. She is unwilling to play or even interact with Anna. After becoming the Queen of Arendell following the death of her parents, she is known as a cold, emotionless Queen. However, after learning how to control her powers, Elsa truly has a kind personality that shines through.

Queen Elsa Costume
Queen Elsa Costume Guide
Princess Anna

Princess Anna Costume

As the younger sister of Elsa, Anna is the naive princess of Arendelle. Having no memory of Elsa’s powers, Anna craves to rekindle her relationship with her sister and thinks of Elsa as a cold, emotionless person. Anna, however, wants love and attention. So, when she meets the charming Prince Hans and immediately falls in love, she falls hard! Angry that Anna is too young and naive to know who she wants to marry, Elsa accidentally unleashes her icy power in front of everyone. Realizing that Arendelle is in danger, Anna must retreat to the mountains to find her sister to reverse the increasingly freezing temperatures. Eventually, the two sisters come together to save the town through their love for one another.

Princess Anna Costume
Princess Anna Costume Guide

Frozen Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Frozen in 2013 created an entirely new kind of princess story with Queen Elsa and Princess Anna. Born with unique ice-powers, Elsa grows up using her powers to have fun with her sister. Eventually, Elsa must stifle her powers and keep it a secret for fear of the community’s reaction. Unable to suppress these abilities any longer, Elsa finally “let it go” and learns how to use her powers for good. Now, you can unleash your powers like your favorite ice queen by dress up like Queen Elsa from Frozen.

Dressing like your favorite Frozen character doesn’t have to be as challenging as keeping your inner powers a secret. Each DIY cosplay guide includes the exact items you need to complete the looks of your favorite Frozen characters like Queen Elsa, Princess Anna, or Kristoff. Dressed as your favorite Frozen character, you can prepare to bundle up for the winters in Arendelle.

About Frozen

Following its release, Frozen quickly became one of the most popular Disney animated movies of all time. Winning several awards and becoming the highest-grossing movie of 2013, Frozen has since become a household name among families and Disney fans. Born with icy powers, Elsa uses her abilities to recreate snow days with her sister Anna. She even creates their own snowman friend, Olaf. However, after accidentally injuring Anna with her powers, Elsa is forced to suppress her powers and distance herself from her sister.

Once the Queen of Arendelle, Elsa can no longer suppress her powers as she accidentally releases them at her coronation. Out of fear, Elsa quickly retreats to the mountains while unknowingly creating a rapidly freezing climate for Arendelle. Eventually, Elsa returns ready to assume her role as Queen and learns that love is the only way to control her icy power.

Frozen Costumes