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Friday the 13th Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Friday the 13th Characters

Looking to bring back some of the Halloween madness!? Browse through the top Friday the 13th costumes and cosplay guides to get the frightening look of the characters from these horror films. The Friday the 13th franchise is undoubtedly among the top American horror slasher films. The movies revolve around Jason Voorhees, the boy who drowned due to the negligence of the staff of Camp Crystal Lake. Jason returns decades later and begins his killing spree near the same lake he drowned. The mask wielding Jason has been the subject of nightmares for an entire generation. And now, you can dress up as Jason and frighten the living souls of your friends.

Jason Voorhees (Part 2)

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume

Jason Voorhees, in the second installation, is still undead and returns to terrorize groups of young teenagers with his blood-red scythe. After surviving the first movie, Jason exacts revenge on Alice for decapitating his mother. Although the character was not intended to carry through as the main antagonist of the series, his popularity forced the studios to develop his persona even further. There have been many stuntmen who have filled in as Jason, but it was Kane Hodder who is the best-known for portraying Jason in the four of the Friday the 13th movies. In the second film, Jason wore a sack over his face, instead of a mask, to make his appearance extra creepy.

Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume
Jason Voorhees (Part 2) Costume Guide
Jason Voorhees (Part 3)

Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume

Jason, in Friday the 13th part three, has to escape to a nearby lakefront property to recover from his wounds. Shortly after, a young girl returns to her family property with some friends. There, Jason begins killing anyone who accidentally wanders into the barn where he has been hiding. In the third film of this series, Jason appears without a mask and is reclusive. Later in the movie, he retrieves a hockey mask from one of his victims, enabling him to leave the barn to carry out his murderous run. To cosplay Jason from the third Friday the 13th film, check out this cosplay guide.

Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume
Jason Voorhees (Part 3) Costume Guide

Friday the 13th Cosplay Costumes

Whether you want to become Jason from the original Friday the 13th or one of the subsequent films in the franchise–there’s a costume guide to nail any of his looks. Created by Victor Miller, Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th has given this particular day an ominous undertone. Recreating the nostalgia of these popular slasher films can be a lot of fun, especially during the Halloween season.

Running around trying to scare people like Jason has its thrill, but it’s easier said than done. If you don’t know where to begin, check out these cosplay guides and take note of the clothes and accessories you need to pull off Jason’s exact look. Jason, in every film, has a unique look, so you should pick the movie you prefer the most! But ultimately, whatever costume you choose, you will be cosplaying of the most popular horror film characters of all time.

Friday the 13th Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the chilling world of “Friday the 13th” with our FAQ section, tailored for fans of this iconic horror franchise. Since its debut in 1980, “Friday the 13th” has become synonymous with the slasher genre, introducing audiences to the terrifying Jason Voorhees and the cursed Camp Crystal Lake. Whether you’re looking to recreate Jason’s fearsome look, capture the vibe of the camp’s doomed counselors, or simply bring a piece of horror history to life, this guide will help you craft the perfect costume for Halloween, conventions, or any frightful gathering.

Jason Voorhees’ costume is iconic for its simplicity and terror. Start with his signature hockey mask, which you can buy or make to ensure it has the correct weathered look. Underneath, apply makeup or a mask to create a disfigured appearance for authenticity to his early appearances. Wear dark, tattered clothing—such as a work shirt and pants. Adding a machete prop, preferably a safe, fake one, will complete the menacing look of Camp Crystal Lake’s most infamous resident.

To dress as a Camp Crystal Lake counselor, opt for a look that’s both retro and practical. Think 1980s athletic wear, such as shorts and a polo or T-shirt, possibly with a Camp Crystal Lake logo. Add a whistle around your neck, a flashlight, and running shoes. For an extra touch, apply makeup to simulate dirt, sweat, or even fake wounds to show you’ve been running through the woods, trying to escape Jason’s wrath.

To evoke Camp Crystal Lake itself, consider creating a costume or decorations that feature the camp’s signage or its dilapidated, eerie atmosphere. Wear a shirt or carry a sign that says “Camp Crystal Lake” or “Beware!” For decorations, use rustic, aged items, fake cobwebs, and dim lighting to create a spooky campsite vibe. Adding sound effects of woodland at night can further enhance the ambiance.

Portraying a survivor from “Friday the 13th” involves showcasing resilience and terror. Choose clothing that looks lived-in and distressed, as if you’ve been fighting for survival. Fake blood, torn fabric, and props like axes or chains can indicate your encounters with Jason. Embodying the spirit of a survivor also means showing a mix of fear, determination, and resourcefulness in your demeanor and expressions.

While “Friday the 13th” is more known for its visual horror than its dialogue, there are a few quotes and sound effects that fans may recognize and can enhance interactions:

The chilling sound effect “ki ki ki, ma ma ma” associated with Jason’s presence.

“You’re doomed! You’re all doomed!” – Crazy Ralph, warning the camp counselors.

“It’s got a death curse!” – Crazy Ralph, on Camp Crystal Lake.

Incorporating these elements into your costume or interactions can pay homage to the “Friday the 13th” series and its place in horror history, making for a memorable and spooky experience.

About Friday the 13th

The first Friday the 13th film debuted in 1980 to cash in on the success of Halloween. Directed by Sean S. Cunningham, the slasher film had a mysterious and deformed killer as the antagonist. Though not well received by critics, Friday the 13th debuted as one of the better movies in the horror movie genre. It quickly amassed success at the box office.

Two additional Friday the 13th movies were released in the following years, making the franchise into a full-fledged phenomenon. Horror movie lovers couldn’t get enough of Jason Voorhees. To this day, Friday the 13th isn’t just a movie franchise, but a fateful day that reminds of a bone-chilling fear triggered by the thought of something unknown lurking in the wilderness.

Friday the 13th Costumes