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Fast and Furious Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Fast and Furious Characters

Cruise through the Fast and Furious costume guides from Universal’s most popular action movie franchise. From illegal street racing to going on top-secret heists, the franchise follows a group of adrenaline junkies who try to navigate life while also bringing down bad guys. With high action racing combined with freaky fast cars, the franchise has become one of the most popular film franchises of all time. Now, you can bring all the action to life at your next [Halloween] costume party with these easy-to-follow costume guides for all your favorite Fast and Furious characters. With each guide, you can see how to dress as if you came straight from the street racing circuit of Los Angeles.

Dominic Toretto

Dominic Toretto Costume

Played by Vin Diesel, Dominic Toretto, or simply Dom is an elite street racer and auto mechanic. He began a life of crime by stealing trucks to provide for his family. Due to his ban from professional racing, Dom relies on illegal street-racing to satisfy his need for speed and passion for racing. Despite his life of crime, Dom is a family man with strong morals which is what leads Brian to choose his loyalty for Dom over his loyalty to the LAPD. He takes care of his crew and he cares for his friends like family. With his signature look of tank tops, muscular arms, and a bald head, Dom is the perfect character for you to bring to life at your next costume party.

Dominic Toretto Costume
Dominic Toretto Costume Guide
Luke Hobbs

Luke Hobbs Costume

Played by Dwayne Johnson, Luke Hobbs is a former agent of the Diplomatic Security Service tasked with apprehending Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Connor after being framed for the death of four DEA agents. However, after witnessing his team die in explosions from Reyes and his team, Hobbs’ life is saved by Dom and Brian, causing him to change his mind about the two criminals. He eventually enlists their help in future operations, leading to a spin-off series called “Hobbs and Shaw,” in which Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, played by Jason Statham, save the world.

Luke Hobbs Costume
Luke Hobbs Costume Guide

Fast and Furious Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Fast and Furious in 2001 sparked the beginning of one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time. Creators brought action-packed movies filled with fast cars, illegal street racing, and explosions. Following a group of adrenaline junkie vigilantes, each movie depicts action-filled drama that you can now bring to life! Recreating each character’s edgy outfits for a costume party or Halloween event can be just as adventurous.

Finding outfits doesn’t have to be as difficult as trying to fight the bad guys at dangerously high speed! Some of the costumes seen in the movies can be put together by digging through your closet or visiting a local thrift shop. Take a look at each DIY cosplay guide to determine the exact costume pieces you need to look like popular characters appearing throughout the Fast and Furious franchise—favorite characters like Luke Hobbs, Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Connor, Letty Ortiz, and more.

Fast and Furious Costume Tips & FAQs

Rev up your engines and get ready to dive into the high-octane world of the “Fast and Furious” franchise with our FAQ section. This series, known for its thrilling car chases, intricate heists, and the importance of family, has captivated audiences around the globe. Whether you’re looking to channel the streetwise charisma of Dominic Toretto, the precision driving skills of Brian O’Conner, or the fierce independence of Letty Ortiz, this guide will help you recreate the iconic looks and attitudes of your favorite characters for cosplay events, car shows, or themed parties.

Dominic Toretto’s look is quintessentially tough and understated. Opt for a tight black or white sleeveless shirt to showcase a muscular physique, dark jeans, and boots. Accessories like a silver cross necklace and a well-worn leather wrist cuff will emphasize his character. Embodying Dom’s leadership qualities and his soft spot for “family” will complete the persona.

Brian O’Conner’s style reflects his undercover cop and street racer roles. Wear a casual, yet stylish ensemble, such as a graphic tee under a lightweight jacket, paired with cargo pants or jeans and sneakers. Adding a replica police badge or a toy car resembling his signature rides (like a Nissan Skyline GT-R) can pay homage to his character. Brian’s easygoing attitude and dedication to his friends are essential traits to convey.

Letty Ortiz embodies a tough, no-nonsense attitude, mirrored in her clothing choices. A tank top or a dark, form-fitting top with cargo or leather pants and combat boots would suit her character. Letty often sports a light smudge of grease or dirt on her face, indicating her mechanic skills. Accentuate the look with hoop earrings and a confident, fierce demeanor to capture Letty’s essence.

Han Lue’s costume should reflect his laid-back yet stylish demeanor. Opt for a cool, layered look with a graphic t-shirt, an open button-down shirt, and a lightweight jacket, complemented by slim-fit jeans and sneakers. Sunglasses and a snack in hand (as a nod to his constant snacking habit) will enhance the portrayal. Emulating Han’s cool composure and loyalty to his friends will bring his character to life.

Including memorable quotes from the “Fast and Furious” franchise can add authenticity and camaraderie to your costume or themed interactions. Here are some iconic lines:

“I don’t have friends; I got family.” – Dominic Toretto
“You can have any brew you want… as long as it’s a Corona.” – Dominic Toretto
“Dude, I almost had you!” – Brian O’Conner
“Ride or die, remember?” – Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz
“I live my life a quarter mile at a time.” – Dominic Toretto

Choose quotes that resonate with your chosen character and the situation, practicing their delivery in the character’s voice or style for a truly immersive experience.

About Fast and Furious

Debuting in 2001, the Fast and Furious franchise begins with LAPD officer Brian O’ Connor. O’ Connor is assigned as an undercover cop to stop hijackers led by Dominic Toretto from stealing expensive electronics equipment. While undercover, Brian begins to form a genuine friendship with Dominic as he gets close to him and his family. Once Brian’s cover is blown, Brian chooses Dominic over his loyalty to the LAPD. And in turn, helps Dominic escape causing him to lose his job with the LAPD.

Luke Hobbs, who is a former agent of the Diplomatic Security Service played by Dwayne Johnson, enlists the help of Dom and his crew. On several occasions, Hobbs turns to Dom’s team to apprehend bad guys with ill intentions. With eight films following the crew as they race cars and go on top-secret heists to take down criminals, there is no shortage of action and drama.

Fast and Furious Costumes