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Doug Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Doug Characters

Doug is one of Nickelodeon’s top animated shows in history! Take a look through the characters and costume guides to find and recreate the cosplay options you have been wanting to make happen since you watched Doug for the very first time! Dress as the main character Doug, any of his friends, or his archenemy Roger Klotz. Browse through the costume guides to make sure you have every piece you need for a Doug cosplay look!

Doug Funnie

Doug Funnie Costume

With the best intentions and a heart of gold, Doug tends to make the best decisions but has daily obstacles like his arch-nemesis Roger Klotz! If he’s not his super hero alter ego self, then Doug is normally in brown shorts and staple green sweater vest. He may be a simple guy, but he has big plans and dreams (like marrying Patti Mayonnaise).

Doug Funnie Costume
Doug Funnie Costume Guide
Patti Mayonnaise

Patti Mayonnaise Costume

No wonder Doug is secretly in love with Patti Mayonnaise, she’s basically perfect! She has her on quirky style with her short hair style and polka dot shirt, which makes her that more lovable. Patti has a positive outlook on life and always has a smile on her face. Now, if she only knew how much Doug wanted to be her boyfriend!

Patti Mayonnaise Costume
Patti Mayonnaise Costume Guide

Doug Cosplay Costumes

The characters from Doug have a classic 90s look to them which gives you two reasons to choose this show as your next cosplay option! Take a look at the step-by-step instructions in the costume guides for each Doug character’s specific look. It’s not as difficult to recreate a costume from Doug with these helpful tips as it is to deal with Roger Klotz. Go as Doug or Quailman, and make sure to bring Porkchop as your sidekick!

Send your friends to their favorite character guide from Doug so you can all attend the next cosplay event together! The more you bring along the easier it is to pull off the look. It’s Doug time!

About Doug

Doug is the Nickelodeon hit than ran for 7 years, and everyone quickly became attached to the middle school group of kids! Doug is an accurate interpretation of what is it like to live as an 11 year old. Doug moved to Bluffington when his dad got a new job and Doug quickly made friends with Skeeter Valentine. He also instantly developed a crush for Patti Mayonnaise that he carried with him throughout the entire series!

Doug was insecure like most kids are at his age, but he wrote a comic strip called Quailman who was a super hero version of himself. In his alternate superhero life, Doug would squash his fears and insecurities without question!

Doug Costumes