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Disenchantment Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Disenchantment Characters

Browse through popular Disenchantment character costumes and cosplay guides from the first season that appeared exclusively on Netflix. The critically acclaimed sitcom comes from the creators of The Simpsons and Futurama and is a satirical piece set in a land of fantasy. As a part of the trilogy, Disenchantment subverts fantasy fiction by ridiculing it to the point of exhaustion. The first season follows the misadventures of Bean, her elf, Elfo, and her personal demon Luci. The storyline chronicles their unwillingness to play it safe. Dress up as your favorite rebellious Disenchantment characters to troll your way through the medieval-fantasy kingdom of Dreamland.

Princess Bean (Disenchantment)

Princess Bean Costume

Princess Bean is a hard-drinker who is frustrated over the fact that she isn’t allowed to find her own way in life. But with Elfo and Luci as her companions, she sets off in rebellion into the outside world. Due to her demeanor and crude behavior, she often finds herself gambling in taverns, starting fights, and drinking relentlessly. Voice by Abbi Jacobson, Bean is an outcry of a generation of teenage girls who are kept as daddy’s little princesses without a voice of their own. Dress up like Bean from Disenchantment to transform yourself into a raging alcoholic without a care in the world.

Princess Bean Costume
Princess Bean Costume Guide
Elfo (Disenchantment)

Elfo Costume

As an Elf, Elfo is highly optimistic and is also in love with candy. Elfo becomes disenchanted with his candy-making life and leaves his Elfwood realm to go on adventures with Bean. He is “green,” in every sense of the word, and through his journey, becomes disillusioned with the absurd world of Dreamland. After being captured by King Zog (who believed Elfo’s blood would help in making the elixir of life), Elfo quickly realized how naïve he was about the real world. Transform yourself into this green and naïve Elf for a night of cosplay with our costume guide, and don’t forget to bring along some candy.

Elfo Costume
Elfo Costume Guide

Disenchantment Cosplay Costumes

Perhaps the thing that sets the TV series, Disenchantment, apart is its tongue-in-cheek humor. Throw caution to the wind and choose to dress up as a variety of Disenchantment characters. Whether you want to be the drunkard Princess Bean, King Zog (the ruler of Dreamland), or the reptilian Queen Oona, there is a costume guide available for everyone. These characters are the epitome of irresponsibility, as the whole television series throws dirt at common fantasy themes.

It may not look like it, but becoming a character in a Matt Groening show is a tough ordeal. Since the show takes place in the medieval era, you can expect the attire to be a little out of fashion. But, not to worry fellow nerds! Now you too can look like your favorite Disenchantment characters by going through these top step-by-step cosplay guide. From the specific clothing to various accessories, everything is listed to make your fantasy dreams come true.

Disenchantment Costume Tips & FAQs

Enter the medieval and mystical world of “Disenchantment,” where misadventure meets comedy in the kingdom of Dreamland. This FAQ section is tailored for fans who want to bring the show’s beloved characters to life, from the rebellious Princess Bean to the naive yet good-hearted Elfo and the demon Luci. Whether you’re preparing for a cosplay event, a themed party, or simply celebrating your love for this animated series, we’ll guide you through creating costumes that capture the essence of “Disenchantment’s” unique blend of fantasy, humor, and heart.

To cosplay as Princess Tiabeanie, or Bean, focus on her signature medieval dress, which is predominantly blue with gold trim. Bean’s look is completed with a white blouse underneath, a belt, and brown boots. Her blonde hair is usually messy, reflecting her rebellious spirit, and she’s rarely seen without her green cloak. Adding a tankard or a prop sword can capture Bean’s adventurous and often trouble-making personality. Don’t forget to embody her independent and strong-willed nature.

For an Elfo costume, start with his green tunic, brown shorts, and pointed hat, all of which are reminiscent of classic elf attire. Elfo’s outfit wouldn’t be complete without his oversized shoes and a small, round nose to capture his elfish features. Since Elfo is an optimist at heart but often finds himself in less than ideal situations, carrying a prop heart or fake candy might reflect his sweet and somewhat naive demeanor.

Luci, the personal demon, can be a fun cosplay choice with his simple yet distinctive appearance. Opt for an all-black ensemble to mimic his shadowy form, and consider using black body paint for exposed skin areas. Creating or purchasing a Luci mask or headpiece with his glowing yellow eyes and sharp teeth will help achieve his demonic look. Luci’s sarcastic and laid-back attitude, along with his penchant for mischief, should guide your portrayal.

King Zøg’s costume requires regal attire fitting the ruler of Dreamland. His royal outfit consists of a red and gold robe, a large crown, and a luxurious, fur-lined cloak. Zøg’s broad, imposing physique and bushy, gray beard add to his kingly presence. Carrying a scepter or a goblet can complement his status. Emphasizing Zøg’s gruff exterior and occasional soft-hearted moments will bring authenticity to your costume.

Including memorable quotes from “Disenchantment” can add depth and humor to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“I want to be in charge of my own life.” – Princess Bean

“I’m Elfo!” – Elfo, often stating the obvious about his identity

“Do not be afraid. Be terrified!” – Luci, introducing himself

“Ugh, if I wanted to kill myself, I’d climb up to your ego and jump down to your IQ level.” – Luci to Elfo

“A plague on both your houses!” – Sorcerio, in a moment of frustration

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate attitude and timing for a truly immersive experience.

About Disenchantment

Disenchanted is set in the medieval fantasy world of Dreamland with King Zog as its ruler. After portraying the modern world through The Simpsons and the future with Futurama, Matt Groening turns to the past to generate some timeless comedy with Disenchanted. The kingdom is crumbling, and the young princess Bean highlights the carelessness of a teenager in a perceived doomed society. With Elfo and Luci, the drunken princess encounters common fantasy caricatures like ogres, imps, and trolls in her misadventures.

Thanks to the success of its first season, Disenchanted has been renewed for another season. It is set to be released in 2020-2021. Initially, critics were not impressed by the show’s dark comedy. But by the time the show ended, it had captured the minds of youngsters and adults alike. Choose your favorite character and dress up for a night of misadventure in Dreamland.

Disenchantment Costumes