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Creepypasta Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Creepypasta Characters

Browse through the Creepypasta cosplay guides to dress up like some of the scariest horror story characters found on the Internet. A place to find the creepiest, most horrifying stories on the Internet, Creepypasta began to gain traction among users in the early 2000s with the official website being created in 2008. With an abundance of horror stories featuring various characters, authors began to write their own stories using the characters. Creepypasta has created a vast community of fans and authors alike. Now you can dress as your favorite horror-story characters with these easy-to-follow cosplay guides. You can find the various looks for characters like Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, and Ted the Caver to bring these creepy characters to life.

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The Slender Man

The Slender Man Costume

An alleged paranormal figure, The Slender Man has been scaring readers since 2009. Created by Eric Knudsen on the Something Awful Internet Forum, the thread was a photoshop contest that challenged users to create “paranormal images.” Unlike other submissions, Eric paired his creepy image with quotes supposedly coming from witnesses. The photos depicted the abduction of children from the supposed man he named The Slender Man. Soon after going viral, The Slender Man became the subject of stories, folklore, and more from countless authors. Now, you can bring this scary character to life through this step-by-step costume guide, as seen on Creepypasta.

The Slender Man Costume
The Slender Man Costume Guide
Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer Costume

Rivaling The Slender Man in popularity, Jeff the Killer has become one of the most iconic horror characters found on Creepypasta. Jeff’s story begins as an average teenager living in the suburbs with his parents and brother Liu. After moving to a new neighborhood, Jeff finds himself a victim of bullies and muggers. Eventually, Jeff ends up fighting his bullies to death one night at a party. Thus, Jeff the Killer is born. Despite killing his enemies, he isn’t able to get away unscathed. He sustains burns that leave his face and body deformed. With a change in personality, now dark and sinister, Jeff becomes the iconic family annihilator. Now, you can dress as the deformed serial killer with this DIY costume guides.

Jeff the Killer Costume
Jeff the Killer Costume Guide

Creepypasta Cosplay Costumes

The beginning of Creepypasta (in the early 2000s) took the internet by surprise with stories of creepy characters like The Slender Man and Jeff the Killer. Initially published by anonymous authors, the site now hosts a  massive number of stories and serves as a collection of some of the most horrifying stories on the internet. Recreating each character’s creepy outfits for a costume party or Halloween event can be just as terrifying! There’s nothing like bringing some horror to life by cosplaying a familiar character!

The thought of recreating one of these outfits doesn’t have to be as scary as the story itself. Many of the Creepypasta outfits can be easily put together by digging through your closet or by visiting a local thrift shop to find the essential items. Take a look at these DIY cosplay guides to determine the exact pieces you need to look like Slender Man, Jeff the Killer, Ted the Caver, Penpal, and others.

About Creepypasta

Created in 2008, Creepypasta is the first website of its kind. A site to submit user-generated horror stories has grown in popularity. Serving as a place for creative writers to come together and discuss all things horror, Creepypasta has become a community for aspiring fiction writers. With archives of original tales, competitions for new stories, and forums for horror fans, Creepypasta has become a community of writers and fans that share a common goal of scaring readers.

One of the first stories on Creepypasta is the now-famous story of Ted the Caver. Ted the Caver is a series of stories about the spelunker Ted and his friend “B” as they explore a strange, undiscovered portion of a local cave. As one of the first horror stories of its kind, Ted the Caver paved the way for Creepypasta and fueled the site’s growth and success.

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