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Captain Planet Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Captain Planet Characters

The hit 1990s edutainment television series Captain Planet and the Planeteers focused on critical social issues like environmentalism. The format of the show was a fun audience-friendly format. If you’re a big fan of Captain Planet and the Planeteers, you might consider dressing up as your favorite character. These handy Captain Planet DIY costume guides will help make dressing up as your favorite Captain Planet character a breeze. With the right clothing and accessories, you can convincingly dress as your favorite character. Join the environmental gang and help save the planet from the horrendous eco-villains. And don’t forget to bring your planeteer t-shirt!

Captain Planet

Captain Planet Costume

Itching to dress up as Captain Planet and save the world from environmental disasters? There are a few pieces of clothing and some key accessories that you will need. If you’re not sure how to put together the perfect outfit, this Captain Planet costume guide can help you out. You’ll want to get yourself a light blue unitard, a Captain Planet shirt, and a pair of red bikini bottoms. To make the costume perfect, you’ll want to add a short green wig, red gloves, belt, and boots. Put it all together with some blue makeup and you have a winning Captain Planet costume.

Captain Planet Costume
Captain Planet Costume Guide
Gaia (Mother Earth)

Gaia Costume

Gaia is the spirit of the planet in the 1990s television series, Captain Planet and the Planeteers. She not only represents the planet, but she picks and guides the five Planeteers instructing them how to save the planet from additional environmental harm. To get the essentials for a Gaia costume, you’ll want to get a black curly wig and a light purple evening dress. But, you won’t want to forget the other small accessories contained in the step-by-step cosplay guide. Get everything you need with this Gaia costume!

Gaia Costume
Gaia Costume Guide

Captain Planet Cosplay Costumes

You can easily cosplay your favorite Captain Planet and the Planeteers characters with these handy DIY costume guides. Whether you want to be Captain Planet, Gaia, or one of the five eco-fighting planeteers, these guides will make it easy for you to put together the perfect costume. Dressed in your blue unitard, red bikini swimsuit, Captain Planet shirt, and flashy red boots, you can help save the planet from the numerous eco-villains.

Instead of the environmental superhero, you can become the youngest member of the planeteers team. Become the planeteer with the biggest heart, Ma-T. Dress like him with a safari waistcoat jacket, planeteer t-shirt, black wig, and brown shorts. You could also switch it up with a blonde bombshell look. Become the computer expert Linka, who carries the Wind Ring. Get her look by dressing up in a brown vest, sand-colored shorts, and a planeteer t-shirt. Whichever Captain Planet costume that you’re trying to build, these DIY Captain Planet costume guide will make it easy for you!

About Captain Planet

Captain Planet and the Planeteers is about a team of environmental advocates called planeteers whose combined powers summon Captain Planet. Captain Planet works to defend Earth from ecological harm that is caused by the world’s worst villains. The show premiered in the fall of 1990 and ran until May of 1996. It was an animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons. The same creators of shows like Scooby-Doo.

A front-runner in edutainment (educational entertainment), Captain Planet advocated environmentalism. The TV show touched on several other modern advocacy topics like addictions (in the episode titled “Mind Pollution” and discrimination (in the episode titled “A Formula For Hate”). Besides Captain Planet, popular characters included Gaia the spirit of the planet and the five planeteers. Several eco-villains were notably voiced by famous actors.

Captain Planet Costumes