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Brooklyn Nine-Nine Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine Characters

Browse through the costumes and cosplay guides for NBC’s award-winning comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Created by Michael Schur and Dan Goor, the series follows the lives of detectives in the 99th precinct as they try to solve crimes and catch the bad guys around New York. Dress like detectives Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, or even like the stern, commanding officer Ray Holt. With these step-by-step costume guides, you can be ready to take on the streets of New York and fight crime! But, like Brooklyn Nine-Nine be prepared to make mistakes and get caught up in some awkward scenarios.

Jake Peralta Costume

Jake Peralta Costume

While Jake enjoys cracking jokes and doesn’t take his job too seriously, he is one of the most successful detectives at Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. His laid-back attitude tends to get him into trouble with Captain Ray Holt, who is a stern rule-follower and doesn’t have time for Jake’s antics. Jake also likes to tease his colleague, Amy Santiago, who tries to beat Jake in the race for most arrests. Despite the constant teasing, Amy becomes his wife in a later season, making them the power couple of the precinct. As a detective, Jake sports his black leather jacket, a pair of blue jeans, and a badge around his neck.

Jake Peralta Costume
Jake Peralta Costume Guide
Amy Santiago Costume

Amy Santiago Costume

Coming from a family of seven brothers and having a father who is a police officer, Amy Santiago is incredibly competitive and ambitious. Amy tries hard to get Captain Ray Holt to become her mentor to help her achieve her dream of becoming the youngest female captain in a precinct. Throughout many seasons, Amy has been in constant competition with Jake Peralta. Making ruthless bets with one another, they always strive to beat the other. As a sergeant in the 99th precinct, Amy is still sporting a pantsuit with a blouse and a badge on her belt. To go along with her diligent personality, she typically wears her hair pulled back and wears large glasses when she forgets her contacts!

Amy Santiago Costume
Amy Santiago Costume Guide

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cosplay Costumes

After the premiere of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in 2013, the show quickly rose in popularity. Taking us to the streets of NY, Brooklyn Nine-Nine showed us how to solve crime comically. Now, you can take the streets of your city dressed as your favorite detectives. Catch the bad guys dressed as Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago, or their colleague Rosa Diaz. You can even add some sarcasm and dance moves when dressing as the 99th precinct’s office assistant, Gina Linetti!

Dressing up as Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s detectives may seem as tricky as arresting Doug Judy, but it can be as easy as making a cup of coffee. Take a look at each DIY cosplay guide to see the exact items you will need to complete your costume. All you need to do is follow the step-by-step guide, and you’ll be ready to solve crimes like Peralta! Or perhaps you just want to make coffee and use the microwave like Scully, that’s okay too.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the hilarious and heartwarming world of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” where the detectives of the 99th precinct tackle crime with a perfect blend of comedy, camaraderie, and unexpected moments of depth. Whether you’re drawn to Jake Peralta’s goofiness and detective skills, Amy Santiago’s competitiveness and organization, Terry Jeffords’ strength and sensitivity, Rosa Diaz’s toughness and mystery, or any other beloved character, this FAQ section will guide you through creating costumes that capture the essence of the precinct’s dynamic for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a touch of humor, action, and the unique personality of Brooklyn’s finest.

To cosplay as Jake Peralta, opt for his casual detective look: a plaid shirt or graphic tee under a leather jacket or blazer, paired with jeans. Jake’s slightly unkempt hair and a badge necklace are key to completing the ensemble. Accessories like a toy gun holster and detective notebook can enhance the authenticity. Embodying Jake’s playful spirit, quick wit, and unexpected moments of seriousness will bring depth to your portrayal.

For an Amy Santiago costume, wear a smart blouse or shirt with dress pants, reflecting her professional and ambitious demeanor. Including a blazer and a police badge adds to her authoritative appearance. Amy’s hair is usually styled neatly, complementing her organized nature. Carrying a binder or clipboard full of “binders” and adopting her competitive streak and enthusiasm for regulations will enhance your portrayal of this character.

To cosplay as Terry Jeffords, focus on his physical presence by wearing a tight polo shirt or sweater to emphasize his muscular build, along with cargo pants or jeans. Adding a fake badge and a holster will highlight his role as a detective and family man. Including props like yogurt (Terry loves yogurt) or a sketchpad for his artistic side can be fun touches. Embodying Terry’s gentle giant persona, his love for his family, and his leadership qualities will make for a compelling representation.

A Rosa Diaz costume requires her signature tough look: a leather jacket over a dark shirt, black jeans, and boots. Rosa’s dark, straight hair and minimal makeup reflect her no-nonsense attitude. Accessories like a motorcycle helmet or a fake knife can hint at her mysterious and badass qualities. Adopting Rosa’s monotone voice, directness, and rare moments of vulnerability will bring authenticity to your costume.

Including memorable quotes from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” can add character and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt.” – Jake Peralta

“Title of your sex tape.” – Jake Peralta, and others eventually

“Yogurt is the only thing I get passionate about.” – Terry Jeffords

“I’m not scared of anything. Except for commitment, and bears.” – Rosa Diaz

“Toit nups!” – Jake Peralta, referring to tight (cool) nuptials

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate humor and timing for a truly immersive experience.

About Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s premiere in 2013 introduced a new type of comedy sitcom centering around a police station. The series follows NYPD detective Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg, known for being carefree and a rule-breaker despite having the best arrest record in the precinct. However, Captain Raymond Holt, a new stern and serious commanding officer, arrives at the 99th precinct forcing Jake to change his ways.

Jake Peralta is determined to keep his status as having the best arrest record, but his competitive colleague, Amy Santiago, begins to threaten his place on the leaderboard. Throughout many seasons, Jake attempts to prove himself to his new boss while keeping his high status but hits several roadblocks along the way, creating many laughs and awkward situations. As the seasons progress, we see Jake hilariously struggling to make arrests while trying to keep his job as a top detective. Eventually marrying his competitive colleague Amy, Jake conquers love but still tries to conquer crime.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Costumes