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Big Mouth Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Big Mouth Characters

Check out step-by-step costume guides for characters in Big Mouth from all seasons appearing on netflix. This animated American sitcom created by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg follows Nick Birch and his fellow middle school classmates as they learn how to cope with puberty and the emotional and physical changes they go through. All the regular characters from the show feel like someone we recognize from our own middle school days, like the tomboyish Jessi, premature adolescent Andrew, and the sex-crazed Jay. Take a trip down memory lane to your own days as an early teen by dressing up as one of these relatable characters.

Andrew Glouberman

Andrew Glouberman Costume

Big glasses, pear-shaped, tall, and nerdy with a green swearter and blue pants, Andrew is unexpectedly the first of his classmates to go through puberty. He comes from a Jewish background and his demanding father often makes him feel bad for his over-developed adolescence, especially his thin moustache. Usually quiet and socially awkward, Andrew struggles to reign in his raging puberty, especially as he is always being egged on by the overenthusiastic Hormone Monster, Maurice. While his hormones push him beyond his comfort zone to court the new girl Missy, it also makes him over-possessive and leads to their on-again, off-again relationship. He also can’t help himself hooking up with Lola, a mistake he soon regrets.

Andrew Glouberman Costume
Andrew Glouberman Costume Guide
Nick Birch

Nick Birch Costume

Voiced by and based on the teenage years of creator Nick Kroll, Nick birch is the leading character of Big Mouth. He is the best friend of Andrew, but becomes jealous when he sees Andrew naked and feels insecure about how behind his own puberty is. He is more vocal and confident than Andrew but is often embarassed by his infuriatingly loving parents. After finally undergoing puberty, he learns to be careful what you wish for as he gets assigned the hapless and geriatric hormone monster Rick. While his smooth talking and humor helps him get close to girls like his friend Jessi or the sexy new girl, Gina Alvarez, his immaturity is also his downfall.

Nick Birch Costume
Nick Birch Costume Guide

Big Mouth Cosplay Costumes

Big Mouth features a diverse cast of characters that each have their own problems to face on the way to adulthood. Nick is a late bloomer, while his best friend Andrew can’t keep up with his own puberty. The intellectual Missy also struggles to come to grips with her primal urges while the gym teacher Coach Steve seems to have never gone through adolescence and is even more clueless than his students. Trying to help them get through it all, not always successfully, are their “”Hormone Monsters”” Maurice, Rick, and Connie.

Cosplaying your favorite characters can sometimes feel as confusing and nerve-wracking as going through puberty all over again. However, with these step-by-step instructions, you’ll know exactly what to need to get and do to look just like the Big Mouth character of your choice. With a diverse and recognizable cast to choose from, you can make it even more fun by teaming up with your friends.

Big Mouth Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a comedic journey into the world of adolescence with our “Big Mouth” FAQ section, designed for fans who wish to celebrate the hilarity and heartfelt moments of this animated series. “Big Mouth,” created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett, delves into the challenges of puberty through the lives of its vivid characters and their hormone monsters. This guide will assist you in crafting costumes of your favorite characters, from Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman to the Hormone Monsters, while embracing the show’s unique blend of humor and emotional depth.

A Nick Birch costume should include a light blue shirt, dark blue shorts, and white sneakers to capture his casual, everyday look. Adding a pair of round glasses and carrying a plush or figurine of Maury, the Hormone Monster, can further enhance the costume. Embodying Nick’s optimistic and inquisitive nature will complete your transformation.

For Andrew Glouberman, wear a green jacket, a red shirt underneath, grey pants, and sneakers. His distinctive features include bushy eyebrows and a curly mop of hair. Holding a book or a magazine similar to those Andrew is often seen with, and exaggerating his awkward mannerisms, can add authenticity to your cosplay.

Cosplaying as Connie, the Hormone Monstress, requires creativity. Utilize a black bodysuit as the base and add fur accents on the shoulders and hips. Create horns and a tail to capture her demonic yet charismatic appearance. Using makeup to achieve her glowing yellow eyes and carrying a compact mirror to mimic her habit of encouraging self-love and confidence will bring Connie’s character to life.

Coach Steve’s costume is relatively simple, consisting of a whistle around the neck, a red coach’s shirt, blue shorts, and white sneakers. Adding a baseball cap and mimicking his clueless yet endearing demeanor, along with his distinct, slightly confused way of speaking, will highlight his quirky personality.

“Big Mouth” is filled with memorable quotes that can add a humorous touch to your costume or themed event. Here are some highlights:

“Hello, my precious little ravioli.” – Maury, the Hormone Monster

“Life is a fucked up mess!” – Connie, the Hormone Monstress

“I’m going through changes.” – Multiple characters, reflecting the show’s theme song

“Everybody’s got their own thing going on, and that’s okay.” – Nick Birch

“I’m a man! Well, a boy-man!” – Andrew Glouberman

Choosing quotes that resonate with your chosen character and practicing their unique delivery will enhance the authenticity and entertainment value of your costume or event.

About Big Mouth

Big Mouth is an adult animated sitcom created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Franklin, and Jennifer Flackett. Nick Kroll voices a number of characters in the show, including his teenage self, Nick Birch, and Maurice the Hormone monster, alongside a starstudded cast of voice actors. The show centers around a group of middle school students in the suburbs as they hit puberty and try to make sense of the new emotional mental, and physical changes they are going through.

Kids are guided through this hormone-laden period with the help of semi-imaginary hormone monsters. However, their advice often spirals out of control as they struggle to deal with their own desires. The show perfectly captures the everyday struggles that we all encountered at one time or another during our own adolescence, like cheating parents, crushes, coming to terms with your sexuality, and getting through school.

Big Mouth Costumes