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Beetlejuice Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Beetlejuice Characters

Browse through all the character costumes and cosplay guide from the 1988 horror-comedy film, Beetlejuice. This award-winning movie directed by Tim Burton, the king of gothic comedies, subverts the notion of horror films. The characters are all dead, and they must protect their house by haunting any new inhabitants. Choose from the characters of the Netherworld, such as Beetlejuice, Miss Argentina, and Adam Maitland. Not only are these costumes perfect for Halloween, but they are sure to put some life back into the after-life as well. Now you too can dress up and frighten your friends for any costume event.

Beetlejuice Costume

Beetlejuice Costume

Betelgeuse, or Beetlejuice, is a loud and crude ghost with a morbid demeanor. He is genuinely unapologetic for his behavior, and why should he be–he’s dead after all. He does not shy away from making a ruckus and loves to spread chaos in the mortal world. Even after Barbara Maitland defeats him, Beetlejuice remains upbeat. That’s his nature. You too can dress up like the mad Beetlejuice, and spread chaos and fear in the hearts and minds of mere mortals. Remain carefree and unapologetic by adding to the charisma of being an obnoxious bio-exorcist with nothing to lose.

Beetlejuice Costume
Beetlejuice Costume Guide
Barbara Maitland

Barbara Maitland Costume

Barbara is a woman of simple pleasures. But when she dies in a car accident, along with her husband Adam Maitland, she is forced to confront the reality of her situation as a ghost. Even as a ghost she loves kids and has a motherly bond with Lydia Deetz. Although she never could have a child, she is the motherly figure who saves the day by defeating Beetlejuice at the end and restores harmony between the dead and the living. Dress up like Barbara to shock others at the next [Halloween] costume or cosplay night. And don’t forget to bring your copy of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased.

Barbara Maitland Costume
Barbara Maitland Costume Guide

Beetlejuice Cosplay Costumes

There are several Beetlejuice characters for you to choose from. You can cosplay Barbara Maitland for a rattle-head, rock n’ roll vibe, or Lydia Deetz if you are looking for a gothic look with fashionable darkness. These characters became extremely popular thanks to their morbid sense of humor. Ever since its release, Beetlejuice characters have taken a life of their own and are a popular choice for [Halloween] costumes and cosplay.

Scaring people takes a lot of effort, especially if you’re still alive! Each of these character’s costumes is highly detailed and will require you to follow the step-by-step guide to ensure you get all the accessories right. In each cosplay guide, you will find all the items and equipment you need to frighten the life out of your friends as a member of the Beetlejuice cast.

Beetlejuice Costume Tips & FAQs

Dive into the whimsical and macabre world of “Beetlejuice,” where the afterlife is as chaotic and unpredictable as its titular character. This FAQ section is designed for fans of the iconic 1988 film directed by Tim Burton, offering guidance on how to bring to life the unique blend of horror, comedy, and gothic fantasy that defines the movie. Whether you’re channeling the mischievous and irreverent Beetlejuice, the artistic and kind-hearted Lydia Deetz, or any other resident of the film’s otherworldly realm, we’ll help you capture the essence of these characters for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a touch of the supernatural and the absurd.

To cosplay as Beetlejuice, focus on his iconic black and white striped suit, which is as chaotic as his personality. The suit should look disheveled to match his unkempt appearance. Add a white shirt, black tie, and make your hair wild and unkempt, with a greenish-white tint to mimic his decaying look. Beetlejuice’s makeup should include dark circles around the eyes and a pale, ghastly complexion. Embodying Beetlejuice’s manic energy and unpredictable behavior will bring your costume to life.

For a Lydia Deetz costume, her gothic, Victorian-inspired wardrobe is essential. Opt for a long, black dress with lace and vintage details. Lydia’s wide-brimmed black hat, adorned with a veil, is one of her most recognizable accessories. Her dark, dramatic makeup and hairstyle—black hair with bangs—complete the look. Capturing Lydia’s morose yet curious and compassionate demeanor will enhance your portrayal of this beloved character.

To cosplay as Adam and Barbara Maitland post-transformation, focus on their most memorable altered appearances. For Adam, create a mask or use makeup to replicate his stretched-out face. For Barbara, consider crafting a mask or using makeup to mimic her mouth stretched wide with eyes in her throat. Their everyday, somewhat dated clothing contrasts with their bizarre transformations, highlighting the ordinary-turned-extraordinary theme of the film. Embodying the Maitlands’ kind-hearted but bewildered personalities will add depth to your costume.

Miss Argentina’s costume is striking with her bright green skin, red hair, and sparkling, blue sash that reads “Miss Argentina.” Her outfit is a glamorous, red sequined dress, which complements her beauty queen aesthetic. Makeup is key to achieving her look, with green body paint for her skin and vibrant red for her hair, unless you find a suitable wig. Capturing her cheerful yet resigned demeanor, as seen in her brief but memorable appearance, will complete the ensemble.

Including memorable quotes from “Beetlejuice” can add an extra layer of authenticity and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“It’s showtime!” – Beetlejuice

“I myself am strange and unusual.” – Lydia Deetz

“You’ve got to take the upper hand in all situations or people, whether they’re dead or alive, will walk all over you.” – Barbara Maitland

“I’m the ghost with the most, babe.” – Beetlejuice

“Go ahead, make my millennium.” – Beetlejuice

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate flair and timing for a truly immersive experience.

About Beetlejuice

Directed by Tim Burton, Beetlejuice debuted in 1988 and is claimed to be one of the best movies starring Michael Keaton. Keaton is the actor who plays the titular figure, Beetlejuice. The plot centers around a young couple (Adam and Barbara Maitland) who die in a car crash, become ghosts and begin haunting their former home. Their efforts to scare away the new inhabitants prove unsuccessful. They are then forced to take help of a specific devilish and obnoxious ghost, named Betelgeuse (mispronounced as Beetlejuice in the movie).

The movie Beetlejuice won multiple awards, including the Academy Award for Best Makeup. The movie’s commercial and critical success led to an animated television series and numerous video games. Its popularity in pop culture saw the return of horror-comedies and provided a significant boost to director Tim Burton’s career. Burton has since gone on to direct many movies in the same genre.

Beetlejuice Costumes