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Back to the Future Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Back to the Future Characters

Looking for costumes of Back to the Future characters? Find the costumes of familiar characters like Marty McFly, Doc Brown, and even future Marty McFly. These characters have defined the 80s pop-culture and brought excitement to sci-fi. This genre-defining science fiction film series created by Robert Zemeckis is a tour de force in the world of time travel. In the first movie, Marty McFly accidentally travels back in time to 1955 in Doc’s time-traveling DeLorean and disrupts history. Through Doc’s help, he manages to repair history and return back to 1985. You too can look like your favorite Back to the Future characters with these step-by-step guide.

Marty McFly

Marty McFly Costume

Marty McFly, portrayed by Michael J. Fox, is the American teenager who gets pulled into his friend Doc Brown’s dangerous inventions. He is the typical teenager who plays the guitar, listens to Van Halen, skateboards, and is obsessed with shooting games. Although he’s a little clumsy, Marty is brave and intelligent. After the movie hit theaters, Marty McFly’s popularity shot through the roof and he became one of the greatest movie characters of all time. Now, you too can dress up like Marty and jump back to the past (or the future), depending on which version of Marty appeals to you. All of Marty McFly’s outfits are relatively easy to copy with minimal accessories.

Marty McFly Costume
Marty McFly Costume Guide

Doc Brown Costume

Doc Brown is the inventor of the time-traveling DeLorean sports car. The appearance and mannerisms of this eccentric genius are loosely inspired by Albert Einstein. He is “a student of all sciences” and is described by others as strange and eccentric. But, he remains a high-spirited character who often speaks with broad gestures and wide-eyed expressions. To get into the proper feel of the character, check out the cosplay guide to see how to follow it to a T. You wouldn’t want to miss out on any accessories that are key to Doc’s overall appearance.

Doc Brown Costume
Doc Brown Costume Guide

Back to the Future Cosplay Costumes

Choose from a variety of costumes and jump into the world of your favorite Back to the Future characters. Whether you want to be creatively confident Marty McFly, the eccentric genius Doc Brown, or the obnoxious villain Biff Tannen, get a hold of the accessories you need to be good to go.

The Back to the Future franchise was introduced at a time when science fiction movies were losing their appeal. The film took everyone by surprise. Recreating the magical effect of the 80s can be so much fun, especially when it is centered on time travel! And this is exactly what cosplay is all about. Some of the unique clothing and accessories may be hard for you to track down on your own. So, check out each Back to the Future cosplay guide to make it easier for you to look like any character from the hit series.

Back to the Future Costume Tips & FAQs

Step into the DeLorean and gear up for a trip through time with our “Back to the Future” FAQ section. This iconic trilogy not only captured the hearts of a generation but also left a lasting impact on pop culture, blending science fiction, adventure, and comedy. Whether you’re looking to embody Marty McFly’s cool 1980s vibe, Doc Brown’s eccentric genius, or any other memorable character from Hill Valley, this guide will help you recreate their iconic looks and gadgets for cosplay events, Halloween, or any themed gathering that calls for a touch of nostalgia and time-traveling fun.

To cosplay as Marty McFly, focus on his signature 1980s look from the first film: a red puffer vest over a denim jacket, a checkered shirt, and blue jeans. Don’t forget the white Nike sneakers with the red swoosh. Adding accessories like a Casio calculator watch and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses can enhance the authenticity. For props, consider carrying a skateboard or a “Save the Clock Tower” flyer. Embodying Marty’s adventurous spirit and quick thinking will bring your portrayal to life.

For a Doc Brown costume, his wild, white hair and lab coat are essential. Wear an eccentric outfit underneath, such as a Hawaiian shirt paired with a bright-colored tie, cargo pants, and boots. Doc’s utility belt, filled with tools and gadgets, and a pair of yellow or silver reflective goggles can complete the look. Carrying a remote control for the DeLorean or a flux capacitor prop will highlight his inventor status. Emphasizing Doc’s passionate and animated personality will enhance your portrayal.

To cosplay as Biff Tannen, especially his 1955 version, opt for a 1950s style with a twist of bully: a white T-shirt under a leather jacket, blue jeans, and black boots. Biff’s slicked-back hair and imposing posture are key to capturing his character. For added authenticity, carry a sports almanac prop or make references to “butthead” in conversations, mimicking his aggressive yet dim-witted personality.

Creating a hoverboard from “Back to the Future Part II” can be a fun DIY project. Use a piece of lightweight wood or foam as the base, and paint it to match the iconic pink and yellow design, including the “Mattel” logo. For the flux capacitor, use a small box as the base, and install LED lights in the Y-shaped arrangement, covered with clear plastic to mimic the look of the device that “makes time travel possible.” These props can be great conversation starters and add an extra layer of detail to your costume.

Including memorable quotes from “Back to the Future” can add depth and fun to your costume or themed interactions. Here are a few iconic lines:

“Great Scott!” – Doc Brown

“This is heavy.” – Marty McFly

“Nobody calls me chicken.” – Marty McFly

“Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” – Doc Brown

“Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here?” – Biff Tannen

Choose quotes that fit your character and the situation, practicing their delivery with the appropriate tone and timing for a truly immersive experience.

About Back to the Future

The Back to the Future franchise revolves around the adventures of the teenager Marty McFly and eccentric scientist Doc Brown as they travel through time in Doc’s time-traveling DeLorean. It was the highest-grossing movie of 1985 and is known throughout the world for its whacky and timeless comedy. The script was written by Bob Gale after he wondered whether he could be friends with his father if they attended high school together.

The things that followed led to a genius script and an amazing sci-fi fiction movie that paved the way for two additional movies, making it into a trilogy. Back to the Future has won multiple awards, including three Academy Award nominations. To this day, the film series continues to capture the imagination of audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Lately, a number of animated series, comic books, and stage musicals have reprised the franchise.

Back to the Future Costumes