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Archer Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Archer Characters

Take a look at the Archer cosplay guides representing characters from the award-winning adult animated series. Following a dysfunctional group of secret agents as they complete dangerous missions, each covert operation ends up revealing just how narcissistic and selfish each agent really is. Now is your chance to bring this group of egotistical characters to life through cosplay. You can find the look of your protagonist Sterling Archer, his girlfriend Lana Kane, or the other employees at the International Secret Intelligence Service. With each costume guide, you can see how to dress up to be ready for both espionage and fun!

Lana Kane

Lana Kane Costume

Beginning the series as a field agent for ISIS, Lana Kane also begins the series as Sterling Archer’s girlfriend. However, after realizing the toxicity of the relationship, Lana and Sterling eventually part ways. The two colleagues still possess lingering feelings as the series progresses. As a secret agent, Lana is fierce and quick to anger, often resorting to violence in many conflicts. Despite this, she remains determined to become a mother. Eventually having a baby with Sterling Archer, Lana finally rekindles her relationship with Sterling Archer. Once Archer falls into a coma, Lana becomes Lana Kane, the undercover agent posing as a singer in the Dreamland House Band. She later becomes Princess Lanaluakalani in Danger Island.

Lana Kane Costume
Lana Kane Costume Guide
Ray Gillette

Ray Gillette Costume

Raymond Gillette, or Ray for short, is an ISIS analyst, bomb specialist, and field agent. As one of the more optimistic agents early in the series, Ray values his friendships and is seen as one of the least selfish agents at ISIS. He does, however, enjoy tormenting Sterling Archer through playful yet occasionally dangerous ruses. Ray experiences some major karma throughout the series after lying about being paralyzed. He suffers paralysis inflicted by Sterling on more than one occasion. Ray continues to show hostility towards Sterling and spirals into a deep depression. During Archer’s unconsciousness, Ray becomes a trumpet player for the Dreamland House Band and later becomes Capitaine Reynaud throughout Danger Island.

Ray Gillette Costume
Ray Gillette Costume Guide

Archer Cosplay Costumes

The debut of Archer in 2009 created a new kind of adult animated series. The show followed the lives of dysfunctional secret agents for the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS). With an egotistical, womanizing protagonist in Sterling Archer, the series focuses on the lives of the agents as they sabotage one another’s secret missions. Now, through cosplay, fans of the show can fulfill their Archer fantasies by becoming a secret agent, ready for both espionage and mischief.

While dressing up as your favorite Archer character may seem like a task for the most experienced secret agents, you’ll find it easy with these DIY costume guides. Each cosplay guide includes the exact pieces you need to complete the look of your favorite Archer characters like Sterling Archer, Lana Kane, or Ray Gillette. Go on secret missions dressed as your preferred narcissistic agents, and prepare for nothing to go as planned!

About Archer

Archer has been making audiences laugh for the past decade. At an international spy agency, global crises are just opportunities for the nine secret agents to sabotage and betray one another for their gain. The show centers on the smooth and selfish Sterling Archer as he works for his boss and domineering mother, Malory Archer. He also must navigate working with his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Lana Kane. Showcasing both espionage and dysfunction, Archer makes for a humorous experience among viewers.

Leaving time and place behind, Archer follows a timeline unique to most shows. After falling into a coma, the series follows the protagonist Sterling Archer as he dreams while he’s unconscious. Season 8 takes place in a 1947 noir Los Angeles called Dreamland. While in season 9, Archer goes even further back in time to 1938. The characters typically stay the same, but each plays a different version of themselves, allowing you to choose the specific period you wish to cosplay!

Archer Costumes