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Adventure Time Costume Guides

Dress like Your Favorite Adventure Time Characters

Journey to the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo to look at the best costume guides from your favorite characters appearing on the Cartoon Network television show, Adventure Time. Get ready for an adventure dressed up like Finn and his best friend and adopted brother, Jake. Though created for children, the award-winning show by Pendleton Ward now has a cult-like following. Cosplay Finn to face off against the Ice King while searching for his crush Princess Bubblegum.

Finn Adventure Time Costume

Finn the Human Costume

To cosplay Finn the Human, wear a light blue, short-sleeved shirt with darker blue shorts. Add white, knee-high socks and black shoes to complete the outfit. Finn’s signature look includes a white bear-like hat that covers his head and ears, leaving room for his face. Acquire or create a green backpack to wear over one shoulder. Embrace Finn’s adventurous and fun-loving spirit, and consider carrying a toy sword to enhance your portrayal of the character.

Finn the Human Costume
Finn the Human Costume Guide

Fionna Costume

For a Fionna cosplay, start with a light blue, short-sleeved dress and pair it with white, thigh-high socks and black Mary Jane shoes. Fionna’s distinct accessory is her white rabbit hat with long ears, which covers her head while framing her face. Attach a green backpack to one shoulder, resembling her counterpart Finn’s. To complete the look, wear a blonde wig with a long, low ponytail. Embody Fionna’s brave and caring personality for an authentic Adventure Time cosplay experience.

Fionna Costume
Fionna Costume Guide

Adventure Time Cosplay Costumes

Dress as Princess Bubblegum, Finn, or the Ice King to show off your favorite Adventure Time characters! The Dungeon and Dragons based cartoon make for a super fun medieval costume feel with a colorful, quirky twist! Look through the instructions on how to recreate the characters’ styles with some of your own pieces and then add the fun items to really get the Adventure Time theme.

Grab some of your friends to show off how much you all love Adventure Time by dressing as all of your favorite characters with a group costume. Now that you have everything you need, get your costume on and have an adventure!


Adventure Time Costume Tips & FAQs

Embark on a mathematical adventure with these Adventure Time FAQs. Whether you’re a hero like Finn or a magical companion like Jake, we’re here to answer your questions about creating costumes, exploring trivia, and celebrating the whimsical and imaginative world of the animated TV series Adventure Time.

Some recognizable costumes for Adventure Time characters include Finn the Human’s blue shirt, white bear hat, and green backpack; Jake the Dog’s yellow-orange body and stretchy limbs; Princess Bubblegum’s pink dress and crown; Marceline the Vampire Queen’s red boots, jeans, and bass guitar; and Ice King’s blue robe and crown. Don’t forget to add character-specific accessories, such as Finn’s sword, Jake’s viola, or Ice King’s beard.

Some lesser-known facts about Adventure Time include that the show was created by Pendleton Ward and premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010. The show’s setting, the Land of Ooo, is a post-apocalyptic world filled with magical creatures and kingdoms. The character of Jake the Dog is voiced by John DiMaggio, who also voices Bender in “Futurama.” Additionally, Adventure Time has been praised for its unique animation style, storytelling, and exploration of complex themes.

To create a Finn the Human costume, start with a light blue T-shirt and a pair of dark blue shorts. Wear a white bear hat with round ears to represent Finn’s signature headgear. Add a green backpack, which can be purchased or crafted to resemble Finn’s backpack. Complete the look with a pair of black shoes and tall white socks. Optionally, carry a toy sword to represent Finn’s weapon of choice. Practice Finn’s enthusiastic and heroic mannerisms to fully embody the character.

Some memorable episodes or scenes from Adventure Time that can inspire a costume or party theme include the “Fionna and Cake” gender-swapped episode, the “Stakes” miniseries featuring Marceline’s backstory, the “Islands” miniseries exploring Finn’s origins, and the “Lemonhope” episode with its poignant ending. Recreate elements from these scenes, such as Fionna’s bunny hat, Marceline’s vampire forms, or the Candy Kingdom, for a fun and immersive experience.

Incorporating memorable quotes from Adventure Time into your costume or interactions can add an extra layer of authenticity and fun. Some fan-favorite quotes include:

“Algebraic!” – Finn

“Sucking at something is the first step to being sorta good at something.” – Jake

“What the lump?!” – Lumpy Space Princess

“I’m a buff baby that can dance like a man.” – Finn

“You don’t need a mirror to know you look good. You’re beautiful on the inside.” – Jake

“Everything small is just a smaller version of something big!” – Finn

“Responsibility demands sacrifice.” – Princess Bubblegum

About Adventure Time

The hand drawn animated series originally debuted as a short produced for Nickelodeon in 2007, but wasn’t commissioned as full-series by Cartoon Network until 2010 after going viral online. With nine complete seasons, Adventure Time draws inspiration from the fantasy role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The series centers around Finn the Human, a fiery 12-year-old, voiced by John DiMaggio, and his companion Jake the Dog, voiced by Jeremy Shada, who uses magical powers to change shape and size.

Finn journeys through the Land of Ooo left destroyed by nuclear war a thousand years prior to the series beginning. While battling evil and righting wrongs, Finn along with assistance of Jake the Dog, interacts with others like Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of the Candy Kingdom; the Ice King, the misunderstood ruler of the Ice Kingdom; and Marceline the Vampire Queen, a thousand-year-old demon/half-human. The critically award winning show has since inspired books, video games, clothing, and costumes!