Zorta a Zombie

Zorta a Zombie Costume

Posted by Brenna ChristoffelPosted ago

This costume focuses heavily on the makeup that complemented the costume. For the clothing portion itself, I took a few pieces of older clothing of my and ripped holes in them. I then sprayed everything down with fake blood and allowed it to dry. The makeup portion of my costume was a bit more difficult to create. I had the elements of a busted head to where you can see the brain, a popped out eye, no mouth, and a ripped out throat. A majority of this makeup required latex, paint, tissue paper, and scar putty. It took me seven hours to complete this look and because I had to be ready by 10 a.m., I was awake at 3 a.m. to begin. Within this makeup, I am also wearing a mesh contact. So, I couldn’t see, talk, or eat the entire day. Overall though, it was well worth it because I am a dedicated Halloween enthusiast and I am truly passionate about creating these pieces. (Photo creds to my school ISP)


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