Zombie Snacks

Zombie Snacks Costume

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The ghostly servant has prepared several snacks for your Zombie party; Sample the pickled eyeballs, or the crunchy critter cupcakes with scorpion, roaches, or spider toppers. Maybe some salty dried fingers, or a taste of the fresh Dog brains will be your favorite! Then wash them down with a glass of Graveyard Spirits, Ravens Blood, or Roadkill Elixir!

My homemade costume was started by making the eyeballs, which are ping-pong balls with paper eyes glued on, placed in a goblet, and encased in a two part epoxy. The cupcakes and critters are made with air-dried clay, placed in cupcake liner papers, and painted with model car paints. The dried fingers were made by putting three coats of a liquid latex on my own fingers, once dried they were peeled off, stuffed with cotton balls, and the ends closed up with hot glue, painted with acrylic paints, then glue on fake finger nails, that were cut to look damaged. Paint them to look bruised and bloody! Skewer with toothpicks, Layer in a container, and use hot glue to keep in place. I made skull head pieces for each dog, which depicts their brains (made of clay) popping out. Grab a spoon and sample some! Cut out a tray from plywood, allowing for an area around the dogs necks, glue paper plates around the opening, and cover it with cheese cloth type fabric. Add two handles for the servant to hold the tray in place. Pick several sizes of bottles and print out labels to glue on them for the choice of beverages. Add signs, and attach everything with hot glue. Dress up like a servant and put the dogs in separate front facing carriers that’s are wrapped around my waist. Grab the tray and get serving!

My Papillons (Cricket and Patches) both love to dress up every year, and get very excited when they see any of the costumes I’ve made for them! They enjoy all of the attention and seeing all of the other pets and owners when we attend parades and costume competitions.

Happy Halloween……Your Ghost host welcomes you to sample the “Zombie Snacks” if you dare!

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Zombie Snacks

Submitted by: Jean Schroth

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