Wonder Woman Fairy

Wonder Woman Fairy Costume

Posted by Mary Gober TrehernPosted ago

My costume this year is a Wonder Woman Fairy! Using pieces I owned and items I purchased from mostly Goodwill, I was able to transform Wonder Woman into a fairy.
I make fairy crowns and I originally was going to just make a Wonder Woman-themed crown when I thought it would make a good costume.

Items from Goodwill include:

⭐️ Blue skirt ⭐️ Bronze belt ⭐️ Gold top ⭐️ Red boots ⭐️ Wire to make the wings ⭐️ Gold belt made into upper arm bands ⭐️ A gold string for lasso of truth, left side ⭐️ Gold earrings ⭐️ Star petticoat under my skirt (not shown)
Hand made fairy crown with flowers and ornaments from Hobby Lobby. Handmade necklace with beads from Walmart. Corset from Boss Wench. Sword, arm bands and wig from Party City. Star flowers from Michael’s.

Cost: $184.05

Wonder Woman Fairy

Submitted by: Mary Gober Trehern

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