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Wonder Woman Costume

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My husband and I take advantage of any opportunity to make costumes, with a big focus on upcycling. We love the idea of old things being given new life. This year, we decided to make each other’s Halloween costumes, so my costume is actually his creation and vice versa. After seeing the new Wonder Woman movie, we knew we wanted to dress up as Diana and Captain Steve Trevor (Perhaps we were also influenced by my pre-existing dark hair and my husband’s name is Trevor). We do love superhero movies and he seems to think I am his year-round Wonder Woman (awww).

Armed with a budget and a vision, we hit the thrift stores and tag sales for nearly all of the materials. For my costume, the main body is made out of an old pleather skirt and jacket and its lining cut and stitched together on a sewing machine. The boots are thrift store shoes spray painted gold with matching pleather attached with rivets and stiffened with cardboard strips. The headband is made out of adhesive-backed craft foam and spray painted (my favorite accessory) and attached to elastic, and the armbands are a cocktail shaker cut in half with some power tool and spray painted with handmade stencils-then pieces of elastic were riveted on to stay in place while fighting evil in the world. A month of sewing later, the look was completed with faux eyelashes and dark hair color hairspray. For Trevor’s costume, it was mostly tailoring pieces I found at the thrift stores and tag sales. The biggest transformative pieces were using the lining of a kids denim jacket to make a fur collar, and the second layering piece was made from an old leather trench coat that I shortened and replaced the sleeves. The sleeves were formerly a women’s snakeskin printed blouse and padded with a baby blanket. The leg ‘wraps’ were strips cut from a women’s pea green blazer, and shoes were existing that we just couldn’t part with after they ripped. Hoarders? We prefer the term ‘resourceful’.

Everyone said they really loved our costumes! Many asked about Trevor, apparently, they weren’t as familiar with Captain Steve Trevor. We entered one local contest, but we should’ve known the costume contest might not be judged fairly when only girls were allowed to enter (they kicked out a perfectly good though male Jimmy Neutron). Regardless, fellow superheroes told me Wonder Woman was the best they had seen. We are hoping you will think the same 🙂

To continue with sustainability, all the scraps were recycled or saved for more costume endeavors to come.

Good luck to our fellow contestants, we share your DIY spirit.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Captain Steve Trevor
WonderWoman accessories
WonderWoman Captain Trevor couple

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