Wolverine and Mystique

Wolverine and Mystique Costume

Wolverine and Mystique

I have always been a huge fan of the X-Men movies growing up and the idea of dressing up as Mystique has been something on my mind for a long time. Luckily enough, I was able to be accompanied by my boyfriend who dressed as Wolverine. I have always loved Hugh Jackman and Max’s hairy chest and face made him perfect for the look.

For him, the costume was all stuff found around the house or borrowed from friends. I darkened his beard a bit with brown face paint and a sponge since he’s blonde, in order to make him more like Wolverine’s character. Put a few X-like cuts into the tank top and his outfit was done. As for the claws, those were made by cutting the blade shape into an old box and then painting them with an acrylic metallic paint. Then, cuts were made at the base of the blades and glued into a split popsicle stick that he held below his knuckles when making a fist. The Wolverine costume was $0 in total since everything for it was crafted with things at home or borrowed.

As for Mystique, I ordered the morph suit from China for $23 and then bought blue puffy paint for $4. I allowed for 24 hours between painting sides before flipping the suit over to ensure the puffy paint had dried and wouldn’t smudge. The best part is, the suit can be washed 72 hours after the paint dries! As for my face, I bought blue face paint and applied MANY layers in order to get full coverage and used some black face paint to paint the detailing on the face I based off of an image of Mystique online. I got the heels for $10 secondhand and the spray hair dye for $3, so in total, the costume was about $42.

We got rave reviews and reactions when we went out later that night and got many compliments from friends and family!

Wolverine and Mystique

Submitted by: Taylor Hedl

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