Witch Better Have My Candy

Witch Better Have My Candy Costume

Posted by Courtney EasterlyPosted ago

This is my take on a swamp witch. This costume was 100% made by me, I also did my own makeup.

I used a witch foam latex prosthetic from InfectedFX to transform my face into an old lady, I painted the prosthetic with a mixture of alcohol palettes and airbrush paint for my makeup.

I made the costume with bits of old fabric. The staff was hand made by me using tree limbs and plaster that I painted to match the sticks. I then put a glowing candle in the bowl for added drama.

My necklace is made of leather string and chicken bones. My contacts are from honey color.

I took my inspiration from creepy old swamp witches!


Submitted by: Courtney Easterly

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