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Every year, Brylee comes up with her own costume idea. This year, she knew for months that she wanted me to make her a headless illusion costume. I read a few examples online of how others had constructed their headless costumes and decided I could do it.

I started by constructing a frame of PVC that I attached to a backpack. Brylee thought it would be cool if the backpack was her trick or treat bag, so I added a 4-inch wide cardboard tube to the center that would become the neck at the top, and end at the top of the backpack. I wrapped the tube with foam pipe insulation to make it look more like a neck.

We started talking about what kind of dress she’d like, and she really wanted a wedding dress. I told her it probably wouldn’t be possible because they are so expensive. We started our search at a nearby Salvation Army, and they didn’t have anything. Then, we went to the Goodwill and found it – the perfect wedding dress. And it was only $15!

I was concerned about how we would make the torso look realistic through the lace, but Brylee had an idea. She saw a flesh-colored mock turtleneck sweater that go underneath, and it zipped up the back.

So we took home the clothes and dressed our headless torso form. The dress was beautiful, I felt bad about ruining it! But Brylee was so excited about her idea. So I had her put on the backpack, a marked the dress where her head should come through and cut a hole in the dress.

I glued styrofoam hands into the sleeves and tried to figure out how to make them look like they were holding her head. But they were too big. So Brylee’s dad suggested that we try a plate or a platter. Since we are getting close to Thanksgiving, I knew I could get one at the dollar store.

I cut a semicircle to fit the platter around her neck, then used Velcro strips to attach it to the platter. Then, I used the fishing line through the arms and around the neck to keep the tray level. Makeup and blood finished the look.

On Halloween, Brylee’s costume was the talk of the neighborhood. She was both beautiful and scary, and people loved the fact that they could put the candy down her severed neck!


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