Twi’Lek Amara (original Twi’lek)

Twi’Lek Amara (original Twi’lek) Costume

I LOVE the Star Wars universe so when I had a chance to dress as a Twi’lek I took advantage of it. It takes A LOT of time to put on. At LEAST 1 hour to get the base makeup on and sealed before applying the beauty makeup. I used a brush and water based makeup for this costume for comfort. For my arms I use tights to color my skin and make it easier for application. I made the jacket myself along with the coverings for the lekku and the head piece. My friend made my lekku and attached them to a hat, I did everything else 🙂

The head piece/lekku weigh about 5 lbs so this can be tough to keep on but they are SO worth it. For the leggings I adjust a pair of over sized pleather pants and the corset is a purchased, unaltered item. I also made/adjusted the gloves that I am wearing and I painted the gun I carry. This is the Twi’lek Amara – she’s sort of like a space Robin Hood.


Submitted by: Samantha

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