Turtle Power!

Turtle Power! Costume

This costume took a year to finish since I also work a full time job. The only things I didn’t make were the backpack, I did have to make new straps since the original ones were too short, the sunglasses & necklace. Everything else I made or had to restructure. The shorts I added the orange panels and tailored to fit. The sweater I had to cut up and redesign into shape and painted the round designs on the sleeves. The sneakers were 2 pairs of Converse sneakers, one pair of high tops, one pair of low tops – I had to cut the sneakers in half and Frankenstein them back together, then painted them, the soles I cut out and made from a tire. The inside structure of the shell is a baby bathtub with a plastic snow sled, once again cut up and reshaped to a “shell” form. That then was covered with expanding foam, shaved down into form then covered and sculpted with paper mache and paint. The chest shell is made from EVA foam. The body started out with a full bodysuit, then muscles were added made from upholstery foam, then the skin is was made using silicone. The mask was built around a construction helmet and a different halloween mask just to retain the shape. The outer layer is sculptured fabric with foam and batting. I used a two part epoxy to make the teeth. They eyes are fabric covered aluminum mesh strainers and painted with markers. It was a lot of work but I’m happy with the results.

Mikey 5
Mikey 4

Submitted by: Rose Acevedo

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