To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond!

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Our family attended Disney’s Halloween Party dressed up as Toy Story characters. I have been making costumes for 35 years. Every year I make costumes for the entire family. I asked each family member who they wanted to be. Fortunately, no one picked the same character. I hoard fabric and craft supplies so, I hardly had to buy any supplies.

The youngest is Buzz. She is dressed in a stretch satin fabric I bought in NYC. Most of the details are hand-painted on to the satin. Her shoes were black but painted white.

Next is Forky. She is dressed in white faux suede pants and a shirt. I attached the suede to a red turtleneck from a thrift store. The mask is suede over foam.

The Bo peep costume is made from a blue sheet. I applied lace and also drew on eyelet trim with a blue sharpie. I made her sheep from white polar fleece with ping pong eyes and sharpie details.

Jessie is all handmade with painted black spots.

Woody is jeans and a shirt with a hand-painted vest. The belt buckle and holster and spurs are painted craft foam.

Wheezy the Penguin is my favorite because he had a mic and Bluetooth speaker and sang loudly on the monorail the “You got a friend in me!” song. Everyone wad laughing!!

Finally, the creepy ventriloquist dummy. I simply bought a black shirt and shorts then drew pinstripes with a silver sharpie. I sewed on the collar and bow tie.

We had our picture taken by other guests and received so many compliments.


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