Til’ Death Do Us Part

Til’ Death Do Us Part Costume

My husband and I dressed up this Halloween as a bride and groom from beyond the grave. I am the headless bride, and he is a cut in half groom.

For the bride costume, there are multiple tutorials online for how to do a headless costume. I ended up going to Goodwill and buying a wedding dress and veil. I created a fake torso for the top out of duct tape. I duct taped my torso over a t-shirt and was cut out of it. I used that duct tape shell as the frame and stuffed it with newspaper. I then used paper mache to create a smooth surface and spray painted it gray for the zombie skin. I spray painted the bodice with gray spray paint to give it the dirty look. For the blood, I mixed red acrylic with brown for that dark red color.

I then cut a hole for my head at the waist of the dress, stuffed the sleeves/gloves. I used two dowels inserted into the duct tape bodice to support the body and I duct taped the dowels to my torso to support the top (you could also use a backpack to hold the dowels.)

For my husband’s costume, I bought thrift store pants and stuffed them, cut a cardboard circle to fill the top. I used a toilet paper/paint technique to paint the top to the “cut torso” to make it look like flesh. I then used paper towels to make intestines. For the top, he wore a white shirt, suit jacket, and a black tie that were cut and splattered with blood.

For both of our makeup, I used makeup kits with prosthetic wounds and his eye falling out that I found at Walmart.

Total cost was less than $50 for both costumes!

Til’ Death Do Us Part

Submitted by: Lauren

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