The Winter Queen’s Magical Unicorn Sleigh Ride

The Winter Queen’s Magical Unicorn Sleigh Ride Costume

Posted by Bonnie and Beth AbelewPosted ago

Phoenix and Gryphon are dressed as a magical unicorn pulling an ice queen through the snow on a magical silver sleigh.

The unicorn has a white bodysuit with furry cuffs for his legs, a silvery mane and tail, and a large silver horn. The queen is wearing a sparkly blue dress with a white cloak. She has icy blue hair and a crown made from a variety of icicles glued onto a crown. The sleigh was made from foamboard covered with silver posterboard and decorated with glitter and fake ice crystals.

Phoenix and Gryphon are golden retriever half-brothers. They love going on trips, shopping, going to see outdoor music, and dressing up for the holidays! They are friendly boys who love everyone they meet!

The Winter Queen's Magical Unicorn Sleigh Ride

Submitted by: Bonnie and Beth Abelew

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