The Twisty Couple

The Twisty Couple Costume

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For the male Twisty the clothing for this costume was bought online, however, it was made to appear dirty and old using brown makeup, Ben Nye creme color makeup (red and black), and fake stage blood. The headpiece was a latex bald cap that was cut, made to appear bloody using red and black creme colors and fake stage blood. The green, red, and yellow hair was made from colorful pipe cleaners, glued together using a hot glue gun, dirtied slightly with red and black creme colors, and then glued to the latex bald cap with the hot glue gun. The bald cap was attached to the skin using spirit gum. The makeup was done using liquid latex for the mouth and the forehead to make the costume appear as if the top piece is indeed someone else’s head cut off and placed on (Part of Twisty’s story). The teeth and all other makeup around the mouth were done using creme colors, eyeshadow, and fake stage blood. Twisty’s bag was made to appear bloody and dirty as the costume was. It was once white but gives the appearance that it is bloody as it should since it supposedly contains a head (Another part of Twisty’s story). The bag was then decorated with two red stripes using red ribbon and a hot glue gun. The gloves worn are regular white gloves with the tips cut off and dirtied. It cost about $80 to buy all the accessories, and it took an hour and a half to finish the look. I designed the female version of twisty to have on a dress with buttons out of fake Rose’s which I glued to the dress using a hot glue gun. The dress was white but made to appear dirty such as the male costume. The hair was tied up in a ponytail with the three different colors Twisty wears (red, green, and yellow). The makeup was made with Ben Nye creme colors, liquid latex (for the mouthpiece), and fake blood. It was all makeup and no masks for this costume. It took about an hour and a half for the makeup, which was done exactly like the male costume, and it took an hour to dirty the dress to have it appear bloody and old. It cost about $60 in total for the female version. We are the Twisty couple.

The Twisty Couple

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