The Turkey Fights Back!

The Turkey Fights Back! Costume

Posted by Bonnie and Beth AbelewPosted ago

Watch out, the turkey is fighting back! Phoenix is a large turkey, wielding an axe, which he has turned on chef Gryphon, who is holding up his hands in surrender.

The turkey costume was a modified outfit with big wings and a tail made from foamboard, and covered with large ostrich feathers. The headpiece was made by decorating a ski mask with red feathers. The chef outfit was made to give the illusion of a chef standing on two legs. This was done by having the dog wearing a gray denim shirt, which looked like pants when the dog wore a chef jacket on top of it. The jacket had arms which were stuffed and had fake hands attached to it made from inflatable dolls arms which were cut off and stuffed. This was completed with a chef hat and socks that looked like shoes.

Phoenix and Gryphon are golden retriever half-brothers. They love going on trips, shopping, going to see outdoor music, and dressing up for the holidays! They are friendly boys who love everyone they meet!

The Turkey Fights Back!

Submitted by: Bonnie and Beth Abelew

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