The Shining’s Jack and Wendy

The Shining’s Jack and Wendy Costume

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Since a portion of any real door would have been way too heavy, I constructed Jack Torrence’s door with styrofoam packaging panels of two different thicknesses, which I was lucky enough to find from a friend. Corrogated cardboard and a small framed canvas helped to strengthen the “door,” and strong white duct tape framed it all together. I painted the panels to look like door panels, and taped pieces of broken wood panelling to the door around the opening and made hinges out of painted styro and added a real doorknob; that was my final step. I then cut a jagged opening to give the appearance of Jack busting through the door with the axe. I wore the door quite comfortably with a nylon strap secured to the door and hung around my neck. The terrified Wendy (my Mom), was a sniveling mess next to me with her knife. The whole thing, including some thrift store clothing and Dollar Store black wig cost no more than $25.
Jack Nicholson and his amazing performance in the Shining was my inspiration.

The Shining's Jack and Wendy

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