The Original Birthday Table

The Original Birthday Table

Posted by Monica MerchanPosted ago

I saw a table costume 20 something years ago in my country, but the face was not disguised. I wanted a very affordable and unique costume, using things I already had at home. I recycle gift bags and already had some plates and cutlery and that is how I got the idea of a birthday table.
The table is made out of two foam boards. My head goes in the gift box (you can see the cutout for the eyes, nose, and mouth); I made it with a cardboard box that I got for free at the supermarket. My inspiration for the cupcakes and donuts was from YouTube: ThePinkTree and IdunnGoddess (links at the end). The cupcakes are made out of expanding foam, colored spackling and beads. I made the donuts with old socks, pieces of old clothes, and the filling of an old teddy bear. The ice cream cones are real cup cones and Christmas ornaments covered with recycled tissue paper. Everything was glued with a hot glue gun. To hold the plastic table cover to the foam board, I used double-sided tape.

It is very light and was fun to see everyone’s reaction while trick or treating with my daughters. My 3-year-old even asked me to hold some of her candy in the cups and bags of my costume.

The Original Birthday Table

Submitted by: Monica Merchan

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