The Night Demon

The Night Demon Costume

Posted by Fred RohlfingPosted ago

Hi there, this is an original creation that is a 4-legged stilt costume. It’s build using arm crutches, peg stilts, insulation foam, fabric, hot glue, and zip ties. Also, the wings are fully automated and made using an actuator and pvc piping attached to a backpack. I wanted to make a new 4-legged creature to compete in contests as well as work in as a performer and this was the result. In total, it cost about $1,000 to build and took a little over a month to complete. I hope you enjoy and hope you vote for me. Thanks

Night Demon 4-3.jpg
Night Demon 5-4.jpg
The Night Demon
Night Demon 2-1.jpg
Night Demon 1-0.jpg

Submitted by: Fred Rohlfing

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