The Mighty Medusa

The Mighty Medusa Costume

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Medusa – Queen of Snakes. Inspired by the story of Medusa, a utube video and a pair of snake patterned shoes I never wore. This labor of love took a month and a half to create. I made the headpiece from scratch using textured rubber floor mats, skewer sticks, wig cap, rubber snakes, lights and lots of hot glue. I also created the purse from a postal box. The quiver from a wrapping paper roll. I hand painted the bow and accessorized with a snake and lights. The arrow I put together using gold painted feathers and a dowel. The rubber snake arrow I stuck a metal garden stake through it to make it stiff and straight. I designed the dress and had seamstress sew it up. The choker necklace was originally a belt that I cut down and added extra chains and a snake charm to. I made the forehead and cheek prosthetics out of latex paste and snakes. I even borrowed real snakes for props in the photo shoot in order to due this character justice. It took 3 hours to do the makeup myself and adhere the prosthetics. When I wore this costume, I had people actually bow down to me making me feel like a true queen. All hail the Mighty Medusa.

The Mighty Medusa

Submitted by: Sonia Arroyo

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