The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth

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My husband and I spent 11 months creating our family’s costumes. We shopped in Goodwill for some items, Walmart for shoes/boots, craft stores for plaster, paint, fabric, etc. Ludo was originally a sasquatch costume we painted and altered, most impressive was completely changing the mask – removing teeth, adding teeth, horns, ears, paint, moving hairline and facial expression. Ambrosis (dog) was a large stuffed sheepdog we cut and sewed a harness into for my daughter to step in and keep it supported. The blanket was handmade to replicate the one in the movie, my husband added fake legs to replicate my daughter sitting astride. All sewing we did was by hand – as we don’t own a sewing machine. Jareth and Sarah were mostly found clothing items at Goodwill and Walmart. The wig was store-bought. Cape was store-bought, but I altered it by sewing a shiny black and blue fabric to the back. Sir Didymus (fox) was an altered pirate shirt and vest. Ears and tail were bought on Etsy. Ello – blue worm – was handmade by me, sculpted from floral foam and handpainted. Toby – baby – was my old cabbage patch kid from my childhood. Total money spent $727.


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