The Jetsons

The Jetsons Costume

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Each year I make homemade/DIY/thrift store finds for our families Halloween costumes; we’ve been the Addams Family, Beetlejuice, and the Simpsons. I plan our costumes about 10 months in advance so I can find all my outfits from thrift stores, and everything is very DIY! Ilike to go with an 80’s/90s movie/show theme every year, so I try to stick with the genere! This year, our inspiration came while on a shopping trip to Goodwill. We found an Astro stuffed animal; as soon as I saw it the idea was set in motion! I was on the hunt to find “Jetson” inspired outfits and figure out how to create everything! I started getting everything in January. Most of the outfits are from local thrift stores. Elroy’s overalls were womens xs overalls I found on eBay, big enough to hotglue the longer pant legs to the bottom of his shoes. George’s briefcase was also a light green vintage briefcase from the 60s I found. We found womens silver boots from Goodwill and sprayed them white for George’s shoes. I used cardboard and felt to create the neck triangles for Jane and Judy Jetson. Elroy’s neckpiece is made out of cardboard wrapped in orange fabric. George’s neckpiece is also made out of cardboard; I bought to of the exact same shirt to cut so the fabric match and pinned it to a long sleeve t-shirt and added felt stripes. His green belt is green fabric with a felt square cut. He also has a fake nose we latex glued to his face. Elroy’s hat is made from a doll party hat, on top of a cardboard piece with a big bill wrapped in green felt. I used beading wire for the circles on top of his hat and a styrofoam ball on top painted black. Jane’s hair was a long curly wig I cut. I wrapped two sections of the wig around a bucket and applied woodglue to hold the shape, let it sit over night, and the big curls were set in place just like Jane’s hair. Judy’s hair has a 20oz bottle in the middle of with her real hair wrapped around and pulled up on top. Her hair bow is made out of cardboard and black felt. George, Elroy, and Judy’s hair is all sprayed with colored hair spray. I got a wire birdcage skirt to wear under Jane’s dress to give it the flare look. The big project was creating Rosie! She was created out of a giant box cut in two pieces, fitted over a desk chair. We used foam pipe insulation we had in our garage for the arms. The head is rolled cardboard. We painted it to match and added bracelet wire for the antennas with styrofoam balls we painted red for the ear pieces. Her ruffles for her headpiece, wrists, and apron is all made from cardboard with felt glued over it. We made her hands out of the pipe insulation opened up to give it a claw look and wire a feather duster in her hand. We went to our local huge costume festival/contest, and everyone stopped us and took our picture and told them how The Jetson’s were their favorite childhood show and took pictures with us. We won overall winners of the festival against some other very incredible costumes! Our family looks forward to planning our homemade themed costumes every year, and we’ll be starting on next year’s very soon!

The Jetsons

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