2018 Overall Winner Second Place
The Fisherman

The Fisherman Costume

Posted by Matthew PetersPosted ago

The inspiration for this costume stems from a day on the lake fishing with my nephew. I found that it would be an interesting juxtaposition to include both the fisherman and the fish in the same costume as a dichotomy! The fisherman holds the pole and has hooked the fish on the opposite side. To create this costume, I started with a Lycra bodysuit as the base. I then cut a yellow rain suit in half and attached it to the left side of the bodysuit, and began to work on the fish side. I purchased vinyl fabric and hand cut hundreds of scales, attaching them one-by-one to the bodysuit with fabric adhesive. I then painted the scales and coated them in glossy Mod Podge to give them a wet-looking finish. For the finishing touch, I adhered glitter at the transition. For the makeup, I began with a bald cap and gill prosthetic and painted over it with Mehron Paradise face paints.

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The Fisherman

Submitted by: Matthew Peters

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