The Beast Must Break the Spell

The Beast Must Break the Spell Costume

Posted by Ashley ColegrovePosted ago

The theme at work this year is “Disney” and my favorite movie growing up was Beauty and the Beast. My boyfriend is 6’5″ which is perfect for a Beast, but I didn’t want to be the typical Belle in the gold dress. Instead, I spent 30 hours this fall season making “The Enchanted Rose.”

Here is a detailed description:

Me (Ashley) as Rose: Stem made out of an artificial plant that I bought at Goodwill then painted green. Leafs and Rose made of crepe paper. “Glass covering” made of clear umbrella and 3 yards of vinyl. And lots of hot glue.

Dan as the Beast: Handmade horns. Zombie hands and big-foot paws were covered with black fur. Jacket purchased online, and my boyfriend’s willingness to wear a wig.

Henry the Dog as the Footstool: Re-used fabric from other projects sewed to dog vest.

Total Cost: $150


Submitted by: Ashley Colegrove

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