Teacher Gone Wild

Teacher Gone Wild Costume

Who can keep the sugar-loaded kiddos in line on Halloween? The king of the jungle that’s who! – especially when he is EVIL! Behold, Scar of Lion King.

How perfect is the jacket for this costume? Am I right?! Faux fur bodysuit, $20. Thrift store jacket turned inside out, $10. Dollar store slippers and gloves $6. Three wigs are sewn together $50.

Details – green eye contacts, sharp tooth caps.

Face paint – Snazaroo

“The most important part of getting this look right is the mane. I bought three of the same rockstar wig that was long, brown, with white highlights. I sewed one wig under the back of my main wig to give the wig more fullness. Then I attached the third wig from each of my ears down around my chin. I had to cut this third wig from the edge into the center so it acted more like a strip of hair then a wig. I then googled a picture of a lion and cut the hair (hack-job style) into a lion-like mullet – shorter on top and longer as it goes down the sides and front. Then tease tease tease and spray black. Et VOILA!”

Tyler Boyle is an elementary school teacher from southern Ontario, Canada. Every year is elaborate costumes catch the attention of his local community and beyond. The King of Halloween!


Submitted by: Tyler Boyle

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