Tea Party in the Garden

Tea Party in the Garden Costume

Posted by Bonnie and Beth AbelewPosted ago

Phoenix and Gryphon are dressed as pretty girls at a teaparty in the garden. They are wearing pretty lace tops in cream and aqua with matching frilly tutu style skirts. They also have crowns of flowers.

The table was made out of foamboard and covered with lace and a frilly top. It was then decorated with a shiny tea set and little fake foods in pretty pastel colors including donuts, little cake slices, and cupcakes.

Phoenix and Gryphon are golden retriever half-brothers. They love going on trips, shopping, going to see outdoor music, and dressing up for the holidays! They are friendly boys who love everyone they meet!

Tea Party in the Garden

Submitted by: Bonnie and Beth Abelew

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