Tame that Lion!

Tame that Lion!

My 2-year-old daughter became enamored with the Lion King earlier this year after hearing the soundtrack for it and any time I would ask what she wanted to be for Halloween, she would say “lion king!” so I started thinking of ways to incorporate a lion into a costume. My oldest daughter and I came up with Lion Tamer and Lion (the irony is that we are fiercely anti-circus). We already had the black pants, white shirt, hat, and hula hoop so I ordered a red jacket for $8 and my oldest daughter’s outfit was complete. Then I found some cardboard and painted it red, printed up some letters online, cut them out and spray painted the CIRCUS letters. Bought about $10 worth of felt and hand-stitched the lion’s mane, tail, ears (attached to a headband) and belly (attached to an ugly mustard yellow sweatsuit we found at goodwill). Also made red and white felt flags for the wagon and cut out flames for the hula hoop (sounds pretty simple but it took us about 8+ hours to complete everything). Added a few balloons and it was complete! They were the hit of Halloween night!


Submitted by: Renee Levis

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