Super Mario Brothers

Super Mario Brothers Costume

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Our family costume theme this year was Super Mario Bros, chosen by my son, Landon. Being on a budget and knowing the difficulty of making my first illusion costume, I started the crafting process at the beginning of September.

My daughter is Toadette, and her costume was made from the fabric of our costumes from last year, making it free and eco-friendly.

My husband’s Luigi costume was constructed for under $8 for overall fabric and his hat. He already owned the shirt, and I made a pattern for the overalls using pants he already had.

My Queen Boo outfit is made from white fleece with the face glued on. My crown is a head band topped with a crown I design from cereal box cardboard, paint, and handmade clay jewels. Costing a total of $6.

Landon’s costume was a monster to make! He requested Mario RIDING Yoshi- that’s a double costume in my book. I began by constructing a life sized, stuffed Yoshi based on a small plush toy he has. Yoshi’s head and body are made from fleece and felt. Mario’s fake legs are stuffed with diced fleece to reduce fabric waste. This actually is the second Yoshi I made; the first was entirely too large, but that’s what happens when you’re making something without a pattern- a constant learning experience! All together, this bad boy was $18.50.

I whipped up a couple quick candy bags from cardboard boxes covered with brown bag paper and paint.

I’m so happy my gamer boy chose our theme this year, and it just happened to be something from my childhood that I get to share with him. The reaction has been fantastic, but nothing beats making my kiddos happy!

Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers
Super Mario Brothers

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